For max load:

Clean and jerk 1-1-1

Followed by four rounds for time of:

400m Run

50 Squats

Post max and time to comments.


Discussing shoulder and hip roll prior to the swimming WOD.

A couple of notes about cleans:

How many exercises can you think of that require so many of the ten general physical skills of total fitness? Only rivaled by the snatch, the clean requires an unbelievable amount of athleticism.  It requires and develops strength, flexibility, power, speed, accuracy, agility, coordination, and balance.  By practicing the clean, you are improving your ability to deadlift, jump, land, and squat.  But best of all, your are teaching your body how to most efficiently and effectively lift and object off the floor and move it to your shoulders where you can then put the object overhead.  Try curling your max clean if you don't believe me.


  1. cherie :

    I had a great time at te swim WOD today. Got my but kicked and look forward to the next one on August 9th.
    Also I would like to thank everyone for being so wonderful.
    Cheers CC

  2. Matt :

    A couple of new photo albums posted and more to come.

  3. Jenn Prantl :

    I woke up in England this morning and dragged my friend to do a WOD with me in a lovely setting along the river – I never thought I’d work out on vacation but I’m inspired!

  4. Sherry :

    I like the photo tag lines the best. 😉

  5. Derek :

    Thanks to everyone in the noon class and Luke for being so encouraging in todays workout, squats and running are defiantly not my strong suit, thanks for being supportive as always!

  6. Joylyn :

    Hey, on the Crossfit Games website in the Overload highlights video–there’s some sweet moments by some guy we might recognize doing snatches, sledgework, and the PR deadlift moment.
    Swimming looks awesome yesterday…can’t wait for August too.

  7. tim m :

    Working OT will have to finish at the work gym during a break.

  8. Danimal :

    I just wanted to say that I’m loving this format a bit of lifting before the WOD. It satisfies my need to move some heavy shit around. 🙂

  9. tim m :

    time 21:51

  10. tim m :

    correction 20:51

  11. Tiff :

    =( sooooo sad i missed c & j’s. but a rest day was a must for this sore gal.
    dan-totally agree on the programming, incorporating a strength element more frequently is just so satifisfying to body AND mind!!! =)
    just a reminder that anyone who’s around sweatin it out on these hot days o summer and feels like loungin around poolside is welcome. hit me up.
    cat – have had so much fun working out with you the last few days! you rock, woman!

  12. Luke :

    Derek, no sweat dude. Keep it up.
    I agree with the comments on adding the strength element to our WOD’s. It’s been a blast.

  13. Catherine :

    Tiff! You kick ass too! Thanks for being a badass so I can see where I’m heading 🙂
    Let’s get our tube on…

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