For max load:

Front squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.


Sandy and Chelsea go C2B, while Britt prepares to slay another 10 ring push-ups.

But is lifting heavy enough of a workout for me?  Let me put it to you this way – if you walk away from your last front squat feeling like "yeah, maybe I'll do Annie as a cookie today"… chances are that you didn't give the front squats your all.  I'm guilty of slacking on heavy days from time to time.  Don't miss out on their benefit – train that phosphagenic metabolic pathway to reach total fitness.  You want the balanced fitness as much as I want it for you.  Lift heavy and go home hurting!

Week two of the Paleo Challenge has come and gone and I am seeing some real results from a number individuals and a lot of you on the brink of a total breakthrough.  Keep up the good work!  I've noticed both weight loss and muscle gains on a large contingent of athletes participating in the challenge.  Whether you have noticed or not, the fact is that CFV athlete's performance in the past two weeks has been remarkable.  Is that a coincidence?  Hmmm….  But the questions still remain:

Do you look better?  Do you feel better?  Are you performing better?  Post to comments.


  1. Anna :

    I definately still having trouble with staying away from sweets. Other than that the only real challenge I have been having is finding enough protein options to cook. Creativity is everything!!! Cooking is still fun.
    For those that missed the snatch clinic you all must attend the next one! Matt, you did an awesome job of instructing and demonstrating the lift. Now I feel more confident in this particular lift. Just have to keep practicing!

  2. Luke :

    I have noticed differences. I did Crossfit for two years before coming to Verve, but without doing anything special in regards to my diet. Only after moving up here have i begun doing so. And whereas I wouldn’t say the first two years were wasted, I would say that I’ve been making up for lost time since I started eating better. Lots of PR’s, and completions of workouts that were out of my ability range not long ago (i.e., heavy grace). I’m not going strict paleo, but I have been leaning that way. Basically, I’ve been eating my vegetables, eliminating pasta, and I’ve noticed a difference as soon as I started doing that. Like Anna, I have a wicked sweet tooth that’s hard to control sometimes, but overall, I’m very satisfied with my changes in diet.

  3. Sara Weisbart :

    Hey everyone!!! Thought I would say a little something on the subject since no one here gets my Paleo/Crossfit regime. I have been doing great with Paleo! I haven’t cheated once! Not even sweetener in my coffee (I have actually switched successfully to black, sometimes with cinnamon)!! Not even a piece of gum!I really don’t ever get cravings, which is awesome. The hardest part is having to explain it to everyone all the time when I bring my lunch everywhere, turn down drinks, or going out to eat. As you all know, people just don’t get it. But, I feel GREAT. I have never been this thin in my life! Had to go buy new pants, I went down 2 sizes. I have also been doing great with Crossfit here. I’m trying to think of a way of saying this without sounding mean, or cocky….but ALL of the Crossfit Verve women would beat the Crossfit Boston women in most WODS. Yikes…I hope it was kosher to say that. But it’s a noticeable difference. Crossfit Verve is the best!!! Everyone here is great though, and they’ve been helping me a lot with my form- especially on the olympic lifts. We’re doing a 5K today. Thinking being at sea level might give me a little edge! Wow, this was long! Just miss having someone to talk to about Paleo! (I haven’t met anyone at Crossfit Boston doing zone or paleo). Hope you are all well!!!

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    Sara, you are awesome! Great job with the whole Paleo thing and sticking to it despite all the stink-eye looks.
    I just re-read my comment from yesterday and it looks/sounds completely different than I had intended. I was NOT upset that we were doing pull-ups at all. It was a joke and I just ended up sounding like a dumb bitch. I would never miss a WOD because I was too immature to handle it. I would make a scene at a bar however, because I am that immature.

  5. Amy Schaeffer :

    O, and about Paleo- My strength and times have both gotten better since doing the strict Paleo. My goal is to gain weight and though the scale has not changed much, my muscle mass has increased and I can push longer/harder through the burn.

  6. Matt :

    Anna, Luke, Sara, and Amy – proud of you guys for sticking it out. I know there are a ton of other folks out there doing the paleo challenge that are just trucking along with you guys. We’re in week three and things are just gettin’ easier at this point. What I notice is that I am getting bored with the choices. But, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful wife that has been cooking out of the Paleo Cookbook – which is a Godsend.
    I want to thank Amy for taking the time out of her day to post a new recipe – that’s right SHE POSTED IT! Anyone wanting to share a recipe with ingredients, preparation, Zone block info, and a picture contact me through email and I’ll set you up. Just another way to be a part of the community.
    I would like to thank all those who made the Snatchin’ on Sunday Clinic. I thought people did very well and were lifting like champs by the end. We’ll definitely do it again – and again…
    Lastly, when you see Anthony this week – make sure you give him hell for going to work a real job. I know Cherie and I will miss having him around – fun dude, awesome trainer, great athlete. He leaves at the end of the week.

  7. Tammer the CF Hammer :

    Whos Anthony?

  8. Doug :

    I hope to see you before you go, Anthony, but if not, I hope you have fun at your new job! It was great working out with you- you are a great trainer, and I am sure I speak for everyone that you will be missed!
    As far as the diet thing goes, I’ve kind of wussed out on doing strict paleo, but I have tried to improve my diet since coming to Verve two months ago. I honestly wasn’t that far off from the Zone before coming to verve, but Cherie definitely made some recommendations that have made a big difference. I’ve also been trying to do the paleo about 70% or so… No pasta or rice, and only very limited amounts of bread/flour. I definitely think it’s better/more efficient fuel. My biggest breakdown is supplements (bars, shakes, etc.)- just because of the convenience/speed element.
    Honestly though, what has made a huge difference in my life are the kick ass workouts I have been getting! I’ve gained five pounds and I’ve dropped a percentage or two of body fat. More importantly, I feel my performance improving every week, and the workouts themselves are completely addictive for that reason. Two months ago, I could barely link 2 or 3 pull ups together- the other day I linked 15 before dropping off, and I could have gotten more. It’s amazing! That’s just the start of it too- my back squat PR is 50% higher than my previous- a plateau I was comfortably set in for years… I had no PR at most of the lifts we do because I had no clue people even did such things!
    I love that nutrition is such an important element at Verve- I can see how people used to crossfit without that would see much different (ok, worse) results. Nutrition is a huge piece of the puzzle- maybe 80% or more. It was probably the only thing I was doing even close to right before. I have never experienced the kind of athletic improvement I have seen in the past two months, though. This shit rocks- how else can I put it?

  9. Sara Weisbart :

    Got 23:50 on the 5K today!!!!! I’m so excited about it! I haven’t done a timed run since high school, and this was much better than I thought I would do! Maybe it’s Paleo… 🙂

  10. Alan :

    Doug…YOU ARE A STUD!!! I think a lot of us workout generally around the same time everyday for the most part. I have been lucky to workout with you often. Man, you have just improved so much since you started! I witnessed the pull-ups the other day! I also witnessed you kicking my ass on front squats today! I know life is too hectic for you to do 100% paleo, but keep up the good work on the diet side of things…It OBVIOUSLY pays huge dividends!
    As far as how the nutrition is going for me….Well…I have been kind of hesitant to post today. I keep thinking…Your mom always said “If you don’t have anything good to say…don’t say anything at all”. After thinking about it…all comments good and bad should be posted, just incase there are others out there with similar issues. -So, here goes.
    I have been doing strict Zone since October of last year (Of course with the occasional “allowed” 3 free meals a week) I used the term “strict”, because I was really good about staying away from the “unfavorable” carbs/fats etc. as much as possible.
    About two weeks before we started the challenge, I went paleo/zone. I am using a method that Robb Wolf taught us for gaining weight. Without going into too much detail, I have been increasing blocks in a way to gain. I have seen some results in the mirror and on the scales…but not so much in my workouts. The real root of my problem, and the reason I am constantly revaluating my plan, is that I do not go a day without having stomach pains. Just a dull ache/uneasy feeling. I don’t feel that it is the increase in blocks…but possibly the increase in fat. I am just hoping (and it does not make too much sense) that it is not the paleo part of the equation. Surely that is not the cause. I will continue to tinker with it though. However, the point of this is to #1 Perform Better, #2 Look Better, and #3 Feel Better! It’s just not all that for me right now….yet anyway!
    I am going to stick it out for at least two more weeks on this same program. I am still anxiously hoping to find some results during my WOD’s. However, if after 2 more weeks (approx) I do not see any performance changes, I believe I may cut back on the fat, or just go back to strict Zone ways.
    Sorry for the long winded post!

  11. Joylyn :

    Today I topped out at 165# for my 5 reps. I failed on 175# by losing my tight core by letting out my breath too early! Arrrgggh! The front squats were fun, because I had never done them for max load before.
    I am excited to hear about everyone’s recent successes lately, it has been amazing to witness the improvements and huge strides people are making! Just off the top of my head–Stef has been looking super strong lately, and Amy is an animal!
    Myself, well I too was a little hesitant to post. I’ve been doing strict paleo and mostly strict Zone portions with deleting some carb blocks and adding extra fat blocks. I’ve dropped about 6-7 more pounds since the challenge began, and I’ve heard from friends and family that have noticed my changed appearance. But, my performances have been really rough and frustrating though. I’ve been feeling ravenously hungry some days too. I do however think that my sleep patterns have been way off the last couple weeks, and I’m hoping that my lack of sleep is the limiting factor lately. Overall I’ve been pleased with the quality of food going into my body, and when rested I feel pretty balanced. Hopefully I will get my sleep back on track and see how the next couple weeks go.
    Paleo at the firehouse has been going pretty well too. The importance of being prepared with proteins, veggies, fruit and fats handy in a pinch has been rough at times. It still is “crazy” per lots of people to “give up” some firehouse staples, but I’ve been able to stick with it.
    A big plus has been how relatively easy it’s been to go out to restaurants and stick with paleo. I just double the veggies instead of getting potatoes, rice or pasta. Some restaurants even have gluten free menues.

  12. Matt :

    Alan, I dig the honesty of your post. One thing though – your performance is better than ever. If you don’t see that – you’re crazy. Two WOD’s come to mind specifically: burpee/deadlift and the WOD at FRCF. Nuff said. Keep it up.

  13. Jeff McD :

    3×4 @ 165# / 1×3 170# / 1×4 170#

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