Front squat 4 x 3 reps @ 82% of 1RM

Then, as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

12 Power snatch, 65#/45#

10 Pull-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.


Little sis gets her first pull-up!  What an occasion!!!

Celebrating Firsts…

We're pretty bad about making a big deal over people's significant accomplishments on this website.  Partly because so many of our athletes steamroll through the significant firsts, such as a push-up, pull-up, a double body weight deadlift, double-unders, a 2 minute plank hold, a ring dip, getting through a 400 meter run without stopping, a muscle-up.  Of course these achievements don't go unnoticed, in fact, they are celebrated in class and recorded in log books.  However, we'd like to give you an opportunity to celebrate your achievements today.

If you've accomplished something that you are proud of – say so!  Post your achievements and story to comments so everyone can see how awesome you are.  You'd be amazed how learning of other athlete's achievements can motivate you to reach for the next big one. 


  1. I’ll start. I got 50 pull-ups today which has been a milestone I’ve attemped several times over the last few months.

  2. Elizabeth H :

    Course your forearms wouldn’t work after… LOL! I’d like to acknowledge Cat’s first… She did the 800m x 4rds without dying and ran the last one, and she led today’s class running around the block. BADASS!!!
    I got my first MEASURED 5K on the treadmill during the snowday. Granted treadmill, but hate the running…

  3. Elizabeth H :

    Oh and I did my first wallball workout completely as prescribed this week… Karen is not too far away.

  4. Thanks man! I must say that I’m proud of Elizabeth for running the 5k and doing unassisted pull-ups. Freakin’ hard!
    Oh and for always standing by me. That’s not a first for Elizabeth but it’s definitely irreplaceable and I appreciate it. Only a best good friend would do that as much as she has.:)

  5. Alan :

    Congrats Amanda and Matt on the PULL-UP achievements!!!! That rocks! I am just thankful that I was there to witness them both! It is ALWAYS better when you get to see it happen! It makes you work harder, and want things more, when you see other’s hit those huge goals!
    Oh, and Elizabeth, I did notice that Catherine was leading us all in that warm-up yesterday! As a “USED TO BE” runner, I always notice when someone is in front of me on a run! ANY RUN! Every single time we finished those squats at each corner…she was off and running! HELLO, this is Catherine! She used to not finish 200’s without walking! Now she leads the class through the warm-up on the runs and does not even think twice about it! She probably didn’t even notice she was doing it! It was just automatic! STUDETTE!

  6. CC :

    i recently got 50 double unders in a row. YAY – Congrats Catherine, Matt, Amanda, and Elizabeth.

  7. Rich :

    Although my accomplishments were achieved in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and not within the confines of the Verve, I owe these to the Verve! First Muscle Up, linking muscles ups and knocking out 30 in 7:15! 100 Double Unders in 1:09! Completing the Level I Cert on the 28th/29th of this month! I hope to achieve a CF Total of 800+ Lbs before leaving and coming home!
    I will see you all very soon, looking forward to getting back – the cold and altitude are going to be interesting!

  8. Thanks you guys! It truly helps when the group is deeply involved in conversation and then forced to multi-task during deep convo… That distraction totally helped my standing. My legs are also feeling better with the running, I must say. Go fish oil!
    OH yes and as I said on Facebook: CONGRATS AMANDA!!! It really does mean a lot to be there when someone gets that first. I’m so used to Matt’s badassed’ness that I didn’t realize he was accomplishing a first! Congrats as well :).
    Good job CC on the double-unders! I’m sooooooo close. I get how much that means.
    Yay Rich! I bet you’re ripped….
    GO VERVE PEEPS! Truly the best…

  9. Joylyn :

    Congrats everyone!
    Amanda–soooooo awesome.
    Amazing accomplishments happen everyday within the confines of the virtual Verve family, but it’s oh-so-fun to get to hear about them and see them posted.
    I have to say that running my first half-marathon a while back was pretty big for me. I am not a runner, don’t enjoy running, do not look forward to running, and in the two years before, had never run more than a 5k. So to finish the half-marathon and run for 2 hours was big mindset for me to defeat.
    Maybe do another…..Cat, Elizabeth, you in? 🙂

  10. Erin :

    I will run a 1/2 marathon with you Joylyn!!!
    Congrats all you bad ass Verve peeps on your accomplishments and firsts! Keep it up!!!

  11. Amanda :

    Thanks guys. I never knew I would care so much about getting a pull up. It felt oh so good! Love the Verve family and so lucky to be a part of it. xoxoxoxxooxox
    Next first: Double unders

  12. Fat Kid :

    Ok my first WOD and even with it scaled back a ton and I think every band I could find for the pull ups I feel great. The support is unreal and I look forward to not being “The Fat Kid” in about 6-7 months…

  13. Matt :

    Greg, give us your diet and 4+ days a week and we’ll get you there sooner than that.
    Great job tonight!

  14. Erin :

    Way to go Bernie!!! I am proud of you!!! And I concur with what Matt said…give him your diet and 4 + days a week and you will be there in no time!!!

  15. Elizabeth :

    Holy crap!!! I am so impressed with all of you! Congratulations to everyone, Rich, Amanda, Cherie, Cat, Joylyn! Joylynn, running is the bane of my existence… When were you thinking? I might be up for getting ready to die! Then ask what the workout is the next day.

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