21 – 15 – 9 reps for time:

Deadlifts 225# (150#)

Hand stand push ups

Post time to comments.


Liz, halfway through the "Baseline" WOD.  Way to go Liz!!!

We’ll admit it, we are inspired by our President-elect’s message – "Yes, we can".  All politics aside, that message strikes a chord deep inside of us that resonates through many facets of our lives.  We do want change!  This is our opportunity to affect our own lives for the better.  Today… right now.  We believe in you.  We may all be here for different reasons, but our goals are not that dissimilar.  You are reading this because you want to improve the quality of your life.  Right?  You want to be healthier, stronger, faster, thinner, more capable of doing you job, feel less pain, fight the aging process, be happier.  Take pride in giving it your all.  Be able to look back and say, I did fight for a change.  I am stronger than I was yesterday and I will be stronger tomorrow.  Change is in your hands and whether you believe it or not, even small changes have an impact on the people around you.  When they see that you can do it, they believe they can do it.  Be that person… be a catalyst for change.


  1. Matt :

    Cass – Elements #1
    50 Single unders
    30 Overhead squats
    60 Single unders
    20 Overhead squats
    70 Single unders
    10 Overhead squats
    7:54 Great job Cass!
    “Diane” 3:22

  2. Alan :

    You know…I have seen Cass’s name on here several times KICKING A** in her workouts!!!! I really have not seen Jason’s name near as much? Hmmm??!!
    Hee Hee Snicker Snicker!!!

  3. Matt :

    Oh damn, that sounds like a challenge. Buzard vs. Alan – head to head. Two choices each for the movements, I’ll decide the reps. Game on!

  4. Alan :

    What the hell….I’m game! 😉
    You got to get him to come to a WOD though for that to happen! LOL

  5. Matt :

    Tomorrow’s WOD will be the perfect stage for a true throwdown. Is it a challange?

  6. Alan :

    Alan “Diane” 7:09 Metal weights at St. 61
    You know Matt….After our posts today, Buzard called me from HQ and said something about not being able to walk?! You need to quit killing him in those elements classes, and maybe he will be up for the challenge! Hell, he can probably bench press me without breaking a sweat! Let him recover, and I am sure he will be up for it!

  7. Jason Buzard :

    My not being able to walk is pennance for not doing legs in quite a while. Don’t worry Alan, it’s on like donkey kong when I’m on the WOD schedule. I will just have to keep tripping you on any running events (or make you run backwards)!

  8. Matt :

    Alright, well wait until you are both fully rested and up for the challenge. But until then, game on! This WOD is going to be fun.

  9. Cherie :

    Anna: 6:45 (scaled HSPU’s)
    Kristin: 6:15 (scaled HSPU’s, 120#)
    Jared: 12:55 (scaled HSPU’s, 185#)
    Amy: 11:57 (scaled HSPU’s, 120#)
    Cherie 6:35
    Amy went for a max deadlift 135# great work.
    Alan that’s a great time for Diane, nice work. Jason, luckily tomorrow is press complexes, you don’t need to be able to walk, just press.

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