For max load:

Front squat 1-1-1 reps

Followed by seven rounds for time of:
10 Sumo-deadlift high pulls, 95#/65#
10 Ring dips
Post time to comments.
Future CrossFitter, Levi Smith, is about to show dad how to KB snatch.

Eating high quality foods is like pumping racing fuel into a race car – you want the highest performance out of this vehicle, so you pump the best.  You'll never see a pit crew pumping 85 octane into their team's car. 

By choosing high quality foods and balancing your meals, you'll be able to illicit the appropriate hormonal signals for a longer period of time.  All foods are not created equal.  Take this meal for example; 1 bagel (4C) with 4tsp of cream cheese (4F), and 4oz of Canadian bacon.  Ooooh, that sounds like a delicious and perfectly balanced Zone breakfast.  But, does this meal take quality into consideration at all?  Nope.  Let's break down our considerations when calling a macro-nutrient source quality.
A quality protein source will be a lean cut of meat.  A protein source must contain at least twice as much protein as it does fat.  This will increase insulin sensitivity and decrease consumption of unhealthy Omega-6 fatty acids.
A quality carbohydrate source will be rich in anti-oxidants, have a favorable glycemic index, and contain adequate levels of soluble fiber.  By ingesting carbs with low glycemicload, you decrease the speed at which carbohydrates enter the bloodstream, which slows the release of insulin.  The same can be said for eating foods rich in soluble fiber – it slows the rate of entry into the bloodstream, thereby reducing the insulin stimulation.
Fat is easy… think monounsaturated fat.  Monounsaturated fats have no effect on insulin, or cholesterol, and have shown to decrease cardiovascular disease and increase longevity.  On the other hand, saturated fats are a killer.  They can raise unhealthy cholesterol, which leads to heart disease.  For this reason, moderate intake of whole dairy products and fatty red meats.


  1. Greg :

    So what would be an example of a Kick ass Zone version of this breakfast??

  2. Matt :

    4 whole eggs (4P), 2 cups straberries (2C), 1 cup blueberries (2C), 4tsp walnuts (4F). Add a negligible dash (1tbs) of Greek yogurt (Fage 0%) to add some creamy-goodness.
    My mouth is watering just thinking about it.
    This yogurt is the best – check out the nutritional data (20g Pro/9g Carb – so its a Pro). A little bit goes a long way with this stuff, so don’t let the high price bother you.

  3. Anna :

    Those who want to go to Battle ready games this weekend, don’t forget to email them and They have posted the 1st 2 WOD’s for friday!

  4. Lisa Ward :

    Hey Zac,
    The book I need is “EMT Prehospital Care” 4th edition by Mark C. Henry and Edward Stapleton. It’s a green cover. I guess I need the workbook too. Is this the one you have?

  5. Holly :

    Hey Matt, what was the fish oil that you were recommending??

  6. Stef :

    I got “Barleans, Organic Oils” from Sunflower. It is “fresh Catch Fish Oil” has Omega-3 EPA/DHA (What Matt/Cherie say we should have in Fish Oil). It’s a liquid, orange flavor. Not too bad 🙂

  7. Derek :

    Todays workout was great, any workout were I don’t have to move more than 20ft is great in my book! Matt J. super job on front squats today, very strong! everybody in the noon class did awesome today!

  8. Matt :
  9. James :

    il⋅lic⋅it  [i-lis-it]
    1. not legally permitted or authorized; unlicensed; unlawful.
    2. disapproved of or not permitted for moral or ethical reasons.
    I think the word you’re looking for is “elicit.”
    (I wouldn’t have gone all grammar-police on you, but you went after my beloved saturated fat . . . .)

  10. Matt :

    Nice catch James.
    I forgot to mention that there were a handful of people that did the workout (or the majority of the WOD) as Rx’s yesterday with the muscle ups. Congrats!!! That’s a big milestone.

  11. Florida Mike (aka Mike K) :

    Thank you Zac. PR of 160# on the FS with probably my best form ever.
    SDHP – 65#
    Ring dips – Red Band assist
    See you Tuesday.

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