For time:

45 Double unders

45 Squat cleans, 135# (85#)

45 Ring dips

45 Double unders

Post time to comments.


Rich killin' elements two, welcome Rich.

What kind of music gets you pumped up to workout? Is it rap, rock, disco…?  Is there a certain song that whenever you hear it you turn up the intensity?  I am willing to bet that there is.  Share with the group.  Make a playlist.  Bring in that ipod.  If you guys bring in the music we willl play it.  You will be judged by your peers, but I assure you that the criticism will be constructive.  So don't be shy; bring in what pumps you up, and let's turn it up to 11.


  1. Alan :

    GREAT IDEA ABOUT THE MUSIC!!! Everyone likes their own “type” of gym music. This would be just one more way for each of us to get more motivated while rocking out at Verve!

  2. Amy Schaeffer :

    Great idea! I will bring in my copy of Chumbawumba “Tumb Thumping” next time I am in!

  3. luke :

    yeah and I’ll bring in my White Snake collection. It’ll be sweet.

  4. Tammer :

    Nothing gets me going more than some good ole Bluegrass! OOH or Yanni…maybe throw some KENNY G in the mix!!(that might be getting a lil too crazy though) BTW Thanks again for the extra push on Sunday Mike!

  5. Joylyn :

    Had to sub Annie for WOD today due to my ripped hands.
    Annie as rx’d 13:56.
    That’s an improvement of 5 min or so–totally awesome. Those double unders are coming around.

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