5K Run

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Cass meets "Fran"! 

Why run a 5K? "If you adopt the CrossFit philosophy, you would agree that covering considerable distances is a functional movement.  We evolved tracking animals, gathering food, migrating with the seasons, etc., so covering distances is part of our genetic make-up, just like the squat. "– CrossFit journal December 2007

If we ignored long distances, we would not be providing you with a broad general and inclusive fitness.

Check out CrossFit Tucson in the news.

What do you think your 5K time will be?


  1. Matt :

    I’m hoping for sub 22 minutes.
    Great job Cass! Ditto to Jason for linking 3 pull ups.

  2. Cherie :

    I’ve never run a 5K for time. I’m guessing 25 minutes, we’ll see!

  3. Dan :

    I’m hoping for around 22 mins. PR is 21:33

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    I am in Ohio so went to a CF gym there… 5K but I did do 125Lb front squats!!!! I am AWESOME!!!

  5. Matt :

    Hooray for front squats! Great weight too!
    There is something going on with our site today, we’re working on it. Sorry for the ugly look.

  6. Buzard :

    I get to add this to the “things I’ve never done before Crossfit” list, I will make sure the ipod is charged.

  7. Matt :

    5k row
    19:31.1 damper setting 6.
    5×5 front squats.
    Wish I could be out there with you guys for the 5k run – its a beautiful day.

  8. Cherie :

    Yeah for front squats!!! Can’t wait to hear about your experience in Ohio. Maybe we can learn something????
    Jason, tell me about it. I had a hard time clicking the save this post button.
    Dan, bring an Ipod and go for 21 flat.
    We’ll be looking for your time. We know you’re fast.

  9. Favero :

    Matt and Cherie,
    How does 0830-0900 on the 13th of December sound? I still need to get my a@# down to a park workout.

  10. Cherie :

    Brian – That works. See you then -VERVE.

  11. Kristin :

    I ran cherry creek reservoir for my 5k at 25 min and 30 sec.

  12. Jason: 34:39
    Joei: 30:52
    Cheresa: 24:45
    Mike: 26:56
    Dan: 22:28
    Jared: 20:04 (rowed 5k)
    Jeff: 8:41
    Elements 2&3
    10 rounds of 10 burpees and 10 ball cleans
    Mas: 30:25 20#
    Joylyn: 32:17 12#
    Elements 1
    4rounds 400m run and 50 squats
    James: 19:10
    Steff: 20:19

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