For time:
25 Squats
25 Push-ups
25 Pull-ups
25 Sit-ups
50 Squats
50 Push-ups
50 Pull-ups
50 Sit-ups
75 Squats
75 Push-ups
75 Pull-ups
75 Sit-ups

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Rob (Nascar), Erin (Sexy bat girl), and Britt (fight gone bad).

Surviving the holiday season, without the need to make more new years resolutions.

The holiday's can be taxing on all of the things we do daily, to keep our health in check: food, sleep, stress, and working out.  We get whipped out of our routines and thrown into a blender of festivities.  It really is a time to reflect and enjoy the people in our lives. So why have the holiday's become so self destructive?  Here are some tips to help get you through the next few months with minimal guilt and consequence.

Plan ahead, when you are going to be cheating (No not on your spouse silly, food and drink).  Try to keep your overconsumption to one day a week.  If you plan that day ahead of time you can easily skip those Hersey Kisses put on your desk by an evil co-worker.  There will be temptations everywhere.  Decide now which temptations will be truly satisfying and don't just stuff your face because it's there.  If you are good to yourself for six days and enjoy the jolly on day seven, not only will you keep your pant size, but you will get through the season with minimal guilt and a positive state of mental well being.  How many of us eat the goodies our evil family and friends present to us as delicious nuggets of their love, for us to only beat ourselves up about it for longer then the taste lingered? PLAN AHEAD, did I say that already?

Drinking, did you know that drinking five or more drinks at any one occasion is considered binge drinking?  Binge drinking is the intent to go out and get drunk.  With a plethora of party's ahead, drinking helps us unwind and loosen up.  Our suggestion is to not do this every weekend or at every party.  Why not determine before hand what your consumption will be. Keep it in moderation and stick to your plan.

Sleep: do it and often, nuf said.

Working out. Okay there is a theme here: plan ahead. Know when and how often you are going to make it into the gym and be strong like a tiger…grrrrrrr.  I'm serious, this is the season people notoriously fall out of their routines and feel like crap because of it. If you work out three times a week now, commit to three times a week for the next two months.

Make all this easier by writing out your plan in a calendar.  Here is a great opportunity to be OC. Write out what your cheat days will be (this should include alcohol consumption), when your works outs will be, how much sleep you're getting, and when your parties are coming up.  Stick to the plan as closely as humanly possible and if you slip up here and there, get over it, as tomorrow is a new day.


  1. bk :

    a crossfit verve follower- BK did WOD as rx’d 33:16

  2. Matt :

    Holy shit.

  3. Erin :

    This workout rocked my world. Holy Shit is right.

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