Three rounds for time:

Run 800m

50 Back extensions

50 Sit ups

Post time to comments.


Boz, Cherie, and Nicole at the Colorado State Patrol Academy Gymnasium during the CF Level II Certification this weekend. 

Have a look at our "Lift-Off" promo that’s only available while we search for our permanent location. Call or email us for more details or to schedule your free workoutIs CrossFit for you?  You’re never going to know until you come out and join the CFV crew at Commons Park for some hard work and fun.


  1. Evan 5280 :

    Hey Cherie,
    Great meeting you this weekend. Good luck with the gym. Can’t wait to have a 5280/Verve combo workout.
    Take Care

  2. cherie :

    It was great meeting you and wonderful seeing represent!!
    we’re hoping to see you guys up here real soon, should be a blast…

  3. cherie :

    Great job guys. Michael was a beast. I’m impressed with everyones ability to keep their 800’s consistant.
    Ben 22:48
    Anna 24:51
    Jared 26:00

  4. Alan :

    22.42 at the Derda

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