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Looking good Sunday at noon.

Use it or lose it

Lower back strength is an undeniable necessity in conditioning.  The ability to maintain a rigid lumbar spine under load is not only critical for power output but safety.  If you can deadlift 300lbs, getting a 60lb bag of dog food out of the car becomes a walk in the park.  

Deadlifting is HARD.  Many people do not like to do it or are fearful.  These are not adequate reasons not to do it, as back strength is necessary not only for preventing injury but for developing other lifts, sports and life.

Deadlifting 101

The stance is about the same as a vertical jump, with 12-15 inches between heels and toes slightly pointed out. Place the bar directly over the middle of the foot.  Take your grip by bending at the waist, and then bend your knees and lift the chest (done correctly you will have a relatively flat back).  Your grip is just wide enough that your thumbs clear your legs on the way up.

Now for the pull, start with a light weight.  Bring the bar into your shins and take a deep breath.  Look forward and slightly down.  Now pull the bar up your legs, the feet pushing the floor, the back locked in place and the legs driving the bar up. Do not bend your elbows on the way up and keep the bar centered over the middle of your foot.  Wear knee high socks or pants, if you do not want to have bloody shins.

Our biggest concern with the deadlift is stabilization of the back.  A rounding of the back or hyper-extension of the back, under load is bad news.  You need to learn to identify and control the muscles needed to set your back correctly.  Determination to get this correct and fighting for that flat back from the beginning will lead to quick development and increased weights.  Fixing low back problems requires placing in your mind an awareness of what the lumbar muscles do and what it feels like when your low back is set correctly and pulling correctly.

Go forth and lift heavy.


  1. Jack :

    Hello all!!
    So I got everything up and running this weekend and took my OCD to a new level! That’s right, I spent the weekend measuring and calculating EXACT portions for paleo/zone friendly 2 blocker meals.
    The meals consist of homemade Cajun jerky, seasonally fresh fruits (right now we are talking apples and bananas), and maliciously delicious raw almonds. We have called this wonderful concoction Caveman Cravings – Paleo Snacks.
    Individually, they can be purchased for $3 or in a 5 pack for $12 (basically if you buy 4, you get one free). Again these are zone perfect proportions and they don’t have the nasty sugars that continue to deteriorate our athletic performance!
    Give me a call if you’re interested or want more information! (Cherie, the jerky has the same seasoning that the last batch had!)
    Thanks for your support!

  2. Jack :

    My phone number is 303-877-0105

  3. Matt :

    Yeah Jack!!! Can’t wait to try them.
    Heavy deads to you all!

  4. gerson :

    what up jack, are you goin to the 6am class tomorrow? If so, can you bring in a couple of your paleo/zone kits? I’ll give um a shot

  5. Jack :

    Definitely! The 6am cheerleader will be there… and this time with snacks!!!

  6. Danimal :

    NICE!!!! strong work sir!

  7. Btw, great post and I love the picture. Not sure what the heck is going on, but luv it nonetheless.

  8. Dan F. :

    Ok sorry for the late notice but Halloween party at our place this Friday! Wear a costume and bring your cheat day! Booze and fun from 1900ish on. 2538 Humboldt!

  9. Lesson: eat before working out on deadlift day. This could be one of the reasons for my subpar showing. HMPH!
    Ran out of time what with being confronted with a car that was frozen shut at 5:30am! I’m sure I woke up the neighborhood with the scraping. Gah loud!

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