Back squat – test for 1 rep max

Followed by;

50 – 35 – 20 reps for time of:

Box jump, 24"/20"

Push press, 75#/55# (35% 1RM)

Post time to comments.


Gerson competing at the Colorado Open this weekend.

Thank you to all the athletes who came out to compete and all the athletes that came out to spectate.  We had 8 competitors and over 20 Verve athletes come to watch.  Pretty great turn out.

79 men and 25 women competed, the results are as follows:

Emmalee 6th
Anna 10th
Sara 12th
Tiffany 16th

Jack 27th
Dan  Y. 31st
Gerson 65th
Matt J. 76th (went into day two in 14th, was unable to be there for Sunday's WOD)

Check out more details here.  We were incredibly proud of everyone and had a great time.  Thank you all.


  1. Jeff McDowell :

    Congrats to all the Verve athletes that competed at the Open. It’s cool to hear that the box is still representing!
    Matt, I got to see your video and I’m spent from my workout an hour ago but I want to go back now! You’re a beast!
    Today I find out about my new work here. I might be leaving my platoon to go become an instructor at Corporals Course. It’s an honor to be able to develop young Marines into leaders and I can’t wait to smoke their bodies with some CF!
    Did a “Dead Run” for the WOD.
    21-15-9 Dead lifts 225# / run 1000M
    I have pics but I’m trying to find a computer that isn’t on lock down to hook up my camera too.

  2. Jack :

    That was one of the coolest environments that I have ever been apart of.
    Zac, I will no longer make fun of your ample amounts of crossfit gear and boardies. You win as usual.
    Competitors, it was an honor to be allowed to compete next to you guys. Thanks to everyone that came out to support us. That was pretty f-ing awesome.
    Cherie and Matt, you are the definition.

  3. Anna :

    Just one more comment about this weekend. Super awesome fun yall! Thanks again all of you for your support out there. Verve always tends to have such a good showing in athletes and supporters. It means a lot. Awesome post yesterday Tiff, I could not have said it better. I had so much fun!!!

  4. Danimal :

    Yeah Tiff very cool!
    Hey Jack, who are you going to punch in that picture below? LOL. Probably doesn’t matter as long as somebody gets punched. hahaha

  5. Danimal :

    (I mean the picture in yesterdays post) 🙂

  6. Gilles :

    CrossFit Verve you guys rocked this weekend at the Colorado Open! Its great to see the support you all give each other as well as athletes from other affiliates! It exemplifies the great people in the CrossFit community!
    Chan, thanks for your help on the clean and jerks! I will “get the balls to get under it” as you said and be squat cleaning heavier weight soon! Your encouragement during the couplet and 9-9-9-9 workout was awesome as well!
    Anna, thanks for yelling at me and the encouragement on the 9-9-9-9 workout as well. You pushed me hard and its just what I needed! Your performance in the finals was impressive and you showed a ton of heart!
    Thanks for an amazing weekend Verve!

  7. Jack :

    I think I was just going to start taking people out… one by one.
    Oh, and yes, I posted twice in one day… Work just isn’t working out of me today…

  8. gerson m :

    I agree, awesome post yesterday Tiff

  9. Danimal :

    Hey guys, my mind was super occupied this weekend and I forgot to bring my camera BOTH days. If anybody has pictures, please share. A link here or loaded onto facebook would work.
    Anybody catch any videos?

  10. Matt :

    After looking to see who Jack is going to punch, I noticed how different Caitlin looks. Congrats girl!!! You’ve done a great job – it shows!

  11. Derek :

    Just wanted to say that today’s WOD is exactly why I love Crossfit. A workout with something in it that I love to do and do well(push press) and something that I don’t like too much and don’t do well yet (box jumps) I really enjoyed it. Got a new P R on squats today with good form and depth. Congrats to everyone who competed this weekend!

  12. Caitlin Rice :

    Thank you so much Matt! For the record I’ve lost 30lbs in 2.5 months. Its pretty fucking awesome and everyone at Verve has been SO supportive and helpful. I’m not sure if I told you this but after our nutrition meeting I went home and cried. It was totally motivating 🙂
    Also, thanks Jack for not actually punching me 😀

  13. Tiff :

    agreed dan….i’m still ISO my camera charger and would love to get some pics from the weekend from anyone who took pics!
    ahhhhh….excited for some more ice and an early bed time. i’m thinking 6:30. nope, i’m not joking. =) two things that don’t quite vibe on the day after a weekend o’ crossfit fun: third graders and stairs! heh.

  14. Danimal :

    Tiff, you should have punched em in the face. that’s what Jack would have done… In fact, I’m going to get one of those rings with the initials WWJD. It stands for “what would Jack do” just to remind me every day.

  15. tiff :

    the stairs, not the third graders, right dan? that would just be mean. 😉
    altho i am giving some serious thought to punching more things in the face…seems like a good idea if you’re gonna start wearing a WWJD ring and everything….the next new verve tshirt idea even….chans? crossfit verve: we punch things (WWJD?)
    juuuuuust kidding. (but jack…that is def my new favorite photo pose!!)
    ok…off to bed. 730. pretty good.
    congrats caitlin!!! that is amazing, you should be so proud of yourself. =)

  16. Jack :

    I have been commited to punching this in the face for about a decade, and I have to tell you, I feel great… just great.
    New camera pose for sure!

  17. Jack :

    I will only allow my name to be used in this regard if we make infomercials… I can see it now…
    “Hi! My name is Jack and I have been punching people in the face for about a month and a half. I gotta tell you Dan, I feel great! Just great!

  18. Mas :

    Ok, this is Joylyn. I have to tell you all that I was reading the posts out loud to Mas as we drive home tonight–don’t worry, he’s doing the driving…I’m just reading—and the writings today made us both start laughing so hard we cried. You all make me laugh very day, which makes the occasional crossfitverve induced pain easier to deal with. Thanks!

  19. Mas & joylyn :

    Congrats Caitlin! You look amazing and you look like you feel even better!

  20. Mas & joylyn :

    Congrats Caitlin! You look amazing and you look like you feel even better!

  21. Mas & joylyn :

    Congrats Caitlin! You look amazing and you look like you feel even better!

  22. Mas & joylyn :

    Congrats Caitlin! You look amazing and you look like you feel even better!

  23. Congrats on the weight loss Caitlin! WOOOHOOO!!!!

  24. hehe that sounds fun…*

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