Push Press, test for 1RM

Followed by; "Nancy"

Five rounds for time of:

400m Run

15 Overhead squats, 95#/65# (30-35% of 1RM)

Post load and time to comments.


Sunday's swimming WOD proved to be a true test of functional fitness.

We have been running around a bit lately and have let our fridge get empty.  When this happens I know we are near the danger zone.  So I went to Costco to bulk up on some staples.  As I was wandering through the isles, a nice lady asked if I wanted to try a new brand of taceto's.  "A quick tasty food ready just in time for the busy season."  I wasn't sure what she meant by the busy season, I guess the summer coming to an end.  However, I didn't see how that correlated with wanting to eat a taceto.  So I said no thank you and went about my way looking for almonds. 

My mind quickly sent me back to our weekend in California and a question asked by Dr. Sears, "How much time are you willing to put in to live a life of wellness".  Surprisingly, Dr. Sears revealed that many of his patients, when asked how much time they were willing to put in, said as little as 15 seconds per day.  Their days are already filled, with no room to spare.  Where is the magic pill?  What is the easy solution? 

Well we are here to tell you what you already know, the solution is not easy.  It take time to live healthy.  The zone is not easy, CrossFit is not easy, getting enough rest is not easy, taking our fish oil is not easy, heck sometimes even walking the dog is not easy, none of it is easy.  Healthy living takes time, it doesn't come in a cardboard box with nutritional information listed on the side.  So now what?

Well I ask you, what is it worth to you?  How much time are you willing to put in to ensure your health, fitness and longevity?

It takes approximately 15 seconds to down your fish oil, (so don't skip that).  About 30 minutes to prep a meal, 1 hour to exercise and 20 minutes to do something stress relieving.  That is about two and a half hours a day for the rest of your life.  Make this a part of your challenge.  Find the time to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others.


  1. Tiff :

    The last sentence hit home. Word.

  2. Sherry :

    HAWAII !!! Here we come! Next year I’m going to celebrate my **th birthday by taking myself & others to Hawaii. I’ve never been before. One of the things I thought would be great would be to share that experience with CFV friends and do some WODs on the beach. This is an open invitation to join me. It’s going to be cheap and fun!!! Details below.
    I’ve reserved several 2 bedroom, 2 bath condos (sleep 6) with full kitchens (easier to eat healthy,) W/D, etc. for the week of
    Aug 31 to Sept 7 (over Labor Day wk-end.)
    Cost for 7 nights is only $300. per person, (less than 50 per night.) Even the flights are on the least expensive day to fly (Tuesdays.) If people what to split up a week and share it, that’s OK, (you work out the details, and let me know.)
    First come, first serve until the we’re full. Let me know if you’re interested! Come celebrate my birthday, Crossfit on the beach, and enjoy yourself in Hawaii (at a price you’ll never beat.)

  3. Tim M :

    Yes I have to agree that swimming was a test of test of functional fitness I defiantly felt it and had a lot of fun.
    If anyone is interested this Thursday 7:30pm I have tickets to Comedy Works for the CHUCK ROY’S DIRTY CHRISTMAS SHOW IN JULY. I have about 15 left they are $5 each. Let me know if anyone would like to go.
    Link to the show:

  4. Amy Schaeffer :

    Sherry- do you mean 2009 or 2010?
    You know you do CF when you actually want to carry the heaviest load from the car to the picnic just because you can

  5. Jen B :

    hey mountain bikers – if you are still interested in getting together to ride the trails this week, let me know. Thursday afternoon was one date/time that works. I’ll be riding most days (mountain or road)this week while I have time off….

  6. Derek :

    Loved the workout in the pool on sunday. I also really enjoyed the WOD today, I get a sense of satisfaction from pushing through and completing things that make me uncomfortable and that are difficult. It’s cool to be in a place where you get to do at least a little bit of that every workout. Disappointed in my 1 rep pp of 235, should have got 255,almost had it next time for sure.

  7. Dayum Derek! So strong! Way to go! You’ll get the 255# next time. 🙂 You’re kickin’ ass!

  8. Sherry :

    Amy I meant 2010 in 1 year. Game!!!

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