"CrossFit Total"

For max load: 

Back Squat

Shoulder Press


Last done June 2, 2009.

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Verve athletes that competed in the CrossFit Battle Ready Comp this last weekend.

Congratulations to the six athletes; Alan, Anna, Sara, Dan, Elizabeth and Matt, who competed in the CrossFit Battle Ready comp this past weekend.  Check out all the details of the weekend here

The Verve athletes did awesome.  Overall for the women, Sara placed 2nd, Anna 4th and Elizabeth 5th.  Overall for the men, Dan placed 4th, Matt 5th and Alan 6th.  Unbelievable guys, thanks for representing the Verve, we are proud to have you on our team.

This Sunday, three classes will be held at Berkely Pool (the outdoor pool).  We will cover basic swimming technique including the pull, shoulder roll, breathing, and kicking.  We will cement these techniques into your brain by running you through various drills that will help improve your swimming.  Afterwards, we'll do a typical CrossFit WOD that will include, you guessed it, a swimming component. 

Class size is limited to 12 participants, so sign up today to reserve yourself a spot.  Cost is $15 per participant, which goes to the rental of the pool.  Hopefully we'll have a great turnout, so that we can continue to hold this event.


  1. Cherie :

    Long Peak hikers we are meeting at the Verve at 2pm…

  2. tiff :

    zac –> yesterday was so fun!! thanks… i also woke up ridiculously sore (huh? i barely broke a sweat yesterday…heh) good stuff
    congrats guys! way to rock it out at battle ready =)

  3. Sean Toal :

    Verve Leadership and family:
    Just wanted to thank you all for the awesome coaching and competitive spirit during WODS to get me prepared for Ranger School. I will be leaving on Wed. so keeep me in your prayers for the next few months. Day by Day – hour by hour – heck min by min I will get through this. Over the last few months I have learned more about life & fitness that I ever imagined and with that, Thank You. Well I’m signing off with that, so keep given ’em hell in the WODS and when it sucks during a WODS think of your brother in Georgia that is living in the suck 24/7.

  4. Alan :

    The Suck and the Humidity Sean! I feel for ya! You will do great! You know now that you are more prepared that you ever have been! Have fun with it! You will look back on it on day from a totally different side! Rock It!

  5. Ben :

    Give em hell son.

  6. Erin :

    Go get ’em Sean!!! You are going to ROCK Ranger School! It has been a pleasure working out with you and hiking Bierstadt was great! Look forward to seeing you back in the gym after Ranger School!!!

  7. Gerson :

    I’d tell you good luck but you don’t need it Sean, you’ve worked ssooo freakin hard brother! It’s gonna suck no dough about that… enjoy it though, you earned it! What an experience!
    n… you guys n gals crushed the CF battle games, congrats!

  8. Matt :

    Sean Toal – we’ll miss you. Kick ass, you’ve earned it you tough MOFO.
    Heavy lifting going on today – lots of PR’s. If you aren’t signed up, get sign up and lift some big numbers.

  9. Joylyn :

    Go get ’em Toal! You will be sorely missed in the gym with that grin of yours and gritty work ethic…can’t wait till you come back to all of us! Enjoy the pain….what an honor and accomplishment!

  10. Derek :

    got PR’s on all 3 lifts today, must have been the silver surfer t-shirt I was wearing! More importantly I have stopped thinking about how strong I used to be and started to think about how strong I’m going to be. Congrats to everyone in the noon class everybody did really awesome!

  11. Tiff :

    sean toal – you are an inspiration! you will do great!
    CFT was freakin fun today! great job to EVERYONE at the noon class for pulling some heavy weight and pushing themselves! awesome!! every workout is such a great reminder of the badass people i work out with…you all are just not content to do anything half-ass, and i LOVE THAT!!! after battling thru months of shoulder injury and getting over a couple mental blocks, i was able to PR on all lifts. sweet! had to take a peek back to where i came from:
    396 CFT 10/25/08 BS:165#/ SP:76#/ DL:155#
    535 CFT 08/03/09 BS:205#/ SP:95#/ DL:235#
    thanks again, matt, for pushing me toward that 245 and staying a little late…i appreciate it!
    i’m so pumped up from today, ready to kill these pr’s in a month or two!!!

  12. Toal~ I suspect you’re more than prepared for Ranger camp :). I really appreciate your words of advice and your grit to achieve your goal. I wish I could’ve worked out more with ya (so I could pick your brain!). The fact that you worked on elements you wanted to improve on after the session inspired me to do the same. 🙂 Thanks for that and I wish you all the best! We’ll see ya soon!
    Nooners~Way to kick ass! Ya’ll encouraged me to lift heavier and get PRs on all three lifts as well (went from 405 to 450 total). I can’t say enough about the camaraderie. I tell anyone who will listen (it’s probably annoying) but it really is the best environment and I’m obsessed with you people (in a healthy, legal way). hehe. You’re all beasts and make me want to do better. That’s huge.

  13. Matt :

    That’s the spirit!!! So many PR’s today its not even funny. Even if you didn’t PR, you guys poured your hearts into big lifts (which may or may not have =’d a new CF Total PR). Check out tonight’s post if you’re upset about your performance today – it’s straight from the gut.
    BS:400/SP:190/DL:485 = new PR… 1075
    Thanks for the help ZIP

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