Quick and Easy Paleo/Zone Tuna Salad


Jump start the Paleo challenge with some new easy recipes.  There are only 24 days left.

4 Blocks Zone – Time 10 minutes
4oz of Tuna (4P)
1 Tomato medium (1C) 
1 Cup celery (.5C)
1.25 Cup peppers (1C)
.33 Cup of green onion (.5C)
1.33 tsp olive oil (4F)
Spice to taste; mustard, pepper, and dill.

If you want a complete 4 blocks take a half an apple, core it and chop it in a bowl.  Add cinnamon (don't stress about how much, just go for it).  Put in microwave for 5 minutes and oh what a 1 block carb after treat.

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