Monday 100308

"Olympic Total"

Snatch 1 – 1 – 1 reps

Clean & jerk 1 – 1 – 1 reps

Warm up to an opening weight that you're comfortable making (80%+) and then let'r rip. 

Compare to: Thursday 100107

Post loads and total to comments.

Gerson about to pull under the snatch aggressively, right Gerson

"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence" -Lombardi. 

As I sat and read this I was in the weight room at the University of San Diego.  I had to read it twice because my brain didn't quite process it the first time.  As I read it again, I immediately became calm and let out a sigh of relief.  Why had I never thought of this before?  I have been punishing myself for not being perfect for years.  How many of you have been doing this?  What a waste of my time. 

I began to think of examples where this quote has been applied in my life.  The first example that came to mind, was my marriage.  You expect to say your vows and then magically you have this perfect relationship.  I mean you're married, right.  This of course is silliness, and we've let our imagination (and maybe many romantic comedies) talk ourselves into this fairytale.  After sometime several people become disillusioned and think maybe they made a mistake (this could be the reason for such high divorce rates).  But the reality is that our imagination is just that, our imagination.  It takes a conscious action of continuing to strive to perfect your relationship in order to wake up one day and realize you have something excellent.  But the journey CAN'T stop once you've realized excellence.  If you stop then you've stopped chasing perfection and excellence will again elude you.  You must take active pursuit, consciously and continuously in the things you want perfection in.

Now apply this concept to your third week in the Paleo Challenge.  Are you beating yourself up over something you've eaten?  Let it go, learn, and keep chasing perfection, you will find that though you may not be perfect, somewhere along the journey you will find yourself in excellent health. 

Congratulations to Nat Ridder who completed his Level 1 certification this weekend, check out his picture here.  Thanks for representing Nat, we were proud to call you our athlete.


  1. derek :

    Congrats Nat!

  2. Tiff :

    wow, thanks for this post!!!….such a great way to start my monday! and ideal for the day of the olympic total (for me) as the snatch can frustrate me to great levels because i just can’t get it right. but i’ll keep at it!
    congrats, nat…you animal.

  3. Luke :

    good job nat. πŸ™‚

  4. Cherie :
  5. Mas :

    I choked on my jumbalya when I opened your link Cherie. That is hilarious. Congrats Nat, good job.

  6. Haha! Love the picture!
    Awesome pic Gerson!!

  7. Sara Weisbart :

    Love it Cherie!
    Hey everyone! So, I was born and raised in Boulder…and I have NEVER run the Bolder Boulder. πŸ™ I have a big dream this year! I envision members of TEAM VERVE running it with me! It’s only a 10k people! I think it would be a blast too! I’m not sure when registration starts, but i thought i would mention it! Let me know if you’d be interested

  8. Victoria :

    CONGRATS NAT! That is awesome! You should be so proud of yourself!
    Sara, I would love to join the run with you. I am a CO native, went to school in Boulder and I have never done it either! I ran my first race ever last year so I would love to do this one with a Verve crew.

  9. robyn :

    I have run the Bolder Boulder once (last year and pre-crossfit. It was a blast and if you crossfit, it should not be really really hard. I ran it with minimal training. I am planning on doing it again this year and can let everyone know when sign-ups begin. I think it would be awesome to get a crew together to run it. The best part is the people watching throughout the whole trail. There is entertainment the whole time, even the occasional shot and/or snack along the way.

  10. Sara Weisbart :

    and free beer at the end I hear! haha. SOOOO happy you two ladies are on board! I am so excited to run it after a year of Crossfit training. Keep in mind we sometimes see 5k, or even 15k as a WOD! So, we can really think of this race as just the WOD for memorial day! And we can wear our Verve shirts to represent! Maybe Alan can even give us some V tattoos πŸ™‚

  11. Gerson :

    Right on Nat… that right Chans aggressively!!!

  12. Nicole :

    Congrats Nat! Great job this weekend. L muscle-ups next week.

  13. Nat Ridder :

    Hey Ververs,
    For the past 9 months, I have logged onto Verve’s website on a nightly basis. It has become apart of my nightly routine. Yet, last night brought about a first, it was the first time I logged onto the site as a certified Level 1 Crossfit trainer. Let me tell you, it was a pretty cool feeling. To be honest, until yesterday, I merely took the daily WOD for granted. This is no longer the case. Now, I look at a WOD and I can determine exactly why we were doing it and how it will impact my overall training. Trust me, garnering this knowledge will undoubtedly change the way in which I approach a workout. Moreover, I now recognize how incredibly lucky we are to have such an amazing training staff. Before this weekend, I had no idea how much effort Matt, Cherie, Luke, Heather, and Joylyn put forth in creating our weekly WOD schedule. This is no small task. Believe me, every workout has a purpose; every workout is specifically designed to make us dope athletes. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this weekend allowed me to truly appreciate the Verve family. Ververs, I will not lie, I am 99% sure that we could kick the shit out of any other Crossfit affiliate. In general, I thought ridiculous Crossfit athletes would surround me this weekend. This was simply not the case. The fact of the matter is the majority of people who attended the cert this weekend paled in comparison to every single athlete who attends the Verve. I mean it not our fault that we train harder, get stronger faster and smile more often then your average Crossfiter. Overall, getting me Crossfit 1 cert will ultimately result in me becoming a better, more fit and more focused Crossfit athlete. To me, that is justification enough!

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