Wednesday 110525

2011 CrossFit Games Regional WOD #3
21-15-9 reps for time of:

Deadlift (315lb / 205lb)
Box jump (30”/24”) 

Athletes must reach full extension of the hip ON THE BOX. Reaching full extension only in the air is not permitted. In other words, the athlete’s knees and hips must be fully extended while both feet are on the box (the entire foot on the box is recommended but not required). Both jumping and stepping down are permitted.

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Robyn running from the law?

Olympic Lifting Classes

So far the Olympic lifting classes have been what I would call successful.  Several PR's, lots of different movements, lots of learning.  However, there will be some changes to the programming, starting immediately.  First and foremost, there will be no more 1 rep maxes (1RM's) performed in the class.  This is for a couple of reasons.  

Number one, we have such an array of ability levels within the class, that it's not always fair to have some of our athletes attempting 1RM's so soon.  More technique and practice is needed.  

Number two, some of you attend the Oly-lifting class after having attended a class for the days WOD.  I don't believe it is necessarily wise to have anybody attempting a high skill/high intensity movement at a high weight after having just taxed your bodies' so heavily in the previous class.  Thusly, some changes, as already alluded to, will be made.  

The first change will be more drills, for more skills.  More time and care will be taken to practice the Olympic Lifts from every position.  Even for advanced athletes, this is goodness.  Light weight, multiple repetitions, honing in our technique. Secondly, there will be opportunity for lifting some heavier weights.  These weights will depend on your form, and how you are feeling that day.  Finally, I would like for more individualization to be available.  If there is a certain movement you would like to work on, or if there is a movement that I think may help you more than what I have programmed for everyone else, there is no reason for you not to be able to do something different from the rest of the class.  I believe these changes will make the class more enjoyable for athletes of all levels.  - Coach Luke 
If you haven't been, check out the schedule for the Oly-lifting classes.


  1. James (O.G.) :

    Beans are cool.

  2. Dane :

    30″ box jumps were brutal.

  3. bill :

    If you use your coined words like thustly and goodness its not necessary to put your name at the bottom, and im pumped about todays wod, love the deadlifts, box jumps, not so much

  4. Emmalee :

    Thusly! ha ha ah Luke.
    I liked the new programming for the OLY. I felt like we accomplished way more drills for our mad upcoming skills. Kudos Luke thanks for the work you do on the Oly stuff it is greatly appreciated.

  5. Jim Duwve :

    11:45 with 245#’s. First round was 12/9. Box jumps with full extension on the top of the box is different. Had to no rep myself on a couple for extending after leaving the box.21/1:58,15/1:22,9/:30. I sure wish my deadlifts were stronger. But, they have come a long way.

  6. bill :

    Light weight babbbyyyy!!!!!

  7. Luke :

    Light weight my eye. Props to you WOD’ers today. Scary workout. And, Bill, not everyone may know my catch phrases yet, so I may still use my name on my posts. Cool beans??

  8. Stacey E :

    Beans are cool!

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