Wednesday 112001

"CrossFit Football Total" 

For max load:

Power clean

Back squat

Bench press


Perform a single maximal effort for the lifts listed above.  After warm-up, three attempts are allowed only, for each lift.  Total must be done in above order and within the hour.  Combine all four lifts to create your CrossFit Total.

Post loads to comments.

Lev, dedicated to her fitness.

Yesterday was a cool day in the gym for me, here is why.  CrossFit is in the literal sense is about improving your work capacity across broad time and modal domains.  If you do this over years and decades, this becomes your health, fitness and ultimately your longevity. Yesterday's workout made me realize how true that is.  

Over my CrossFit career, I've had ups and down's in my performance. A broken elbow, two pregnancies, a torn disc and later a herniated disc, not to mention battles with the zone; have not always lead me to believe I was improving my work capacity.  I always seem to bench myself off of when I was 34 and "In the best shape of my life".  That was the year I made many PR's in CrossFit and I've aspired to "get back there some day".  I've been discouraged, defeated and down right overwhelmed with that task, in an effort to prove to myself that I can continue to improve and continue to achieve new athletic feats as I get older.  Not often allowing myself to celebrate the small successes along the way and in the back of my head thinking, I can do better. 

Well now I'm 36, about to have my 37th birthday and I kicked my 34 year olds ass yesterday (the year that had kicked all previous years asses, until now). At the 2008 games I did yesterday's workout in 9:20 Rx, I remember not being able to breath, caving in my knees, looking at the bar in despair, knowing that I needed to do one more rep and then another and then another.  I have done it sense a few times and I remember once even getting cocky with it, thinking this is the day I will beat that time (I got a little over 9 minutes).  But, yesterday was different, I did that same workout in 5:32 Rx with the internal knowledge that a sub 4 is possible.

What this means to me is bigger then getting a decent time on a workout.  It means we always have a choice.  We can always strive to be better, heal and improve; no matter our age or what life may throw our way.  It's always a choice to stick to it.  Take responsibility for your outcome and keep heading back in after a defeat or injury, keep pushing and who knows we just might keep improving our work capacity across broad time and modal domains.    

CrossFit the Evolution, By Jordon Gravatt.

Wednesday is the last day to get your blood work done for the nutrition challenge (Sorry folks Friday was not possible)!  There are only five spots left on the list and it will be first come first serve (6:30am, 7:00am, 7:15am, 7:30am and 8:10am).  We are grateful to Amy for her phlebotomy skills, reasonable price and her time in getting our initial blood work completed. 

On another note, our friendly neighbors to the south have kindly asked us not to park in the lot that separates our building with the Dry Ice Factory.  This is their property and often have people visit art exhibits.  Please park in the front or the back of the building. We want to keep our neighbors happy, thank you. 


  1. Matt :

    Great post – truly hits the heart of CrossFit. Increased work capacity across broad time, modal domains, over the course of a lifetime.
    I am feelin this challenge!

  2. James :

    Yeah, Cherie! Great job!

  3. Greg B. :

    Every one of you in some way or another is an ispiration to me. I look forward to the attitude and the strength of each and every Verve member every day!

  4. Annie :

    I second what Greg said, truly.

  5. Leslie :

    You rock Cherie!!

  6. Jim :

    Fantastic post and congrats on crushing your 2008 time! 5:32 is amazing!

  7. Jeff "Cueball" :

    I love Verve because there is some momumental moment for each of us everyday and it’s those moments that keep fueling the fire within!
    Watching the 6 am set PRs, my WOD partner Brian setting PRs and watching 8 am set PRs… fired me up for the day and the challenge! Nice Job to all!!!!
    Cherie, I’m pretty sure Webster’s dictionary has only your picture and the word noun under “Bad Ass”
    Today was great for me, I finally was able to walk normally (which pumped me for this WOD). I’m absolutely happy with my performance as a deconditioned a thlete that was a bizo for the last few months making excuses.
    P/C: 185# (just missed 205#)
    B/S: 195# (legs still recovering from injury)
    Bench: 180# (5# short of PR)
    D/L: 305# (Massive gap between old PR)
    Total: 865
    BW: 184#

  8. Sarah Lev :

    Quote from Ivan in 4th grade: “A loaf of bread belongs in the grain category because it makes you fat.” I gave him a reward for his creativity! 🙂

  9. Matt :

    PC: 305
    BS: 415
    BP: 325
    DL: 475
    Total: 1520 @ STA63

  10. Cherie :

    PC = 155 (failed 160 took it to a squat)
    BS = 215 (failed 225)
    BP = 145
    BL = 250
    Total 765 (looks whimpy next to Matts)

  11. Rich :

    Mother Nature and Traffic kept me from the Verve… Fortunately I have a fall back gym I can use to get WODS in at.. this one was not pretty for me:
    PC: 175, failed 185
    BS: 225, crazy sore stiff legs
    BP: 215, funny its 10Lbs less than my squat
    DL: 295, strength starting to return
    Total: 910 – have a lot of work ahead of me

  12. Nat :

    PC=255 (PR)
    BP=235 (Lots of room for improvement, def. a weakness for me.)
    DL=475 (PR)
    Total: 1,320
    Overall, it was one of those days that a left the gym super stoked, but super eager to improve.

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