Two rounds for max reps:

2 Minutes of double unders

1 Minute of rest

2 Minutes of power clean and front squats, 95# (65#)

1 Minute of rest

2 Minutes of sit-ups

1 Minute of rest

Post individual and total reps to comments.

036 008

Jeff and Rich are heading out overseasWe will miss you guys, come home safe!

Another reminder that Saturday's classes have been cancelled, but if it's a workout you're after, a workout you'll get.  Simply be at CrossFit Verve at (a little before) 8:30am, as we'll be heading down to Front Range CrossFit in SE Denver for a workout.  We encourage all to come, regardless of ability, to represent CrossFit Verve.  Please call or email with any questions or concerns.

We want to wish Jeff and Rich the best of luck overseas – you guys are our heroes!  We're proud to call you our friends and to have had you around for the last few months.  Please come by and visit when you're home – we'll have a spot waiting for you when you get back.  Take care of yourselves, we'll see you when you return – stronger than yesterday.

Things to celebrate:

Doug got his first muscle-up today, Josh W. linked double-unders and Jen linked kipping pull-ups. Tom was instrumental in getting the two rings off of Melissa's right hand, that have been stuck on there for 8 years.   Congrats to all, your hard work is paying off.


  1. AmySchaeffer :

    Jeff and Rich, I’ll miss you guys! Peace out Girl Scouts!
    So, CF has made me better at life but I was hoping to be able to get really good at throwing so that I can murder in trampoline dodgeball. The last time I went (over a year ago) I could not throw the ball further than three feet and was repeatedly jacked in the face until I told everyone to go f*** themselves and left. Will CF enable me to throw a ball further and harder? Preferably hard enough to knock a SOB over?

  2. Alan :

    Rich and Jeff, it has been an honor! Stay safe, and we expect to see you guys back in no time! Stay Strong, AND KEEP IN TOUCH!

  3. Gerson M :

    Jeff n Rich God Bless, it was awesome meeting n crossfitting with you guys… will see you soon.

  4. luke :

    Here’s my report from C. Springs. . .
    The blizzard continues, but so does the fight of C. Springs finest. So far, I’ve saved 11 babies, rescued 17 cats from trees, saved the mayor from certain doom, and received a key to the city. And, somehow, I found the strength to do yesterdays WOD. 14:40 (decent, considering I’ve also fought 8 house fires). Hope to see you all soon. Word to your mother. 🙂
    Sincerely, Luke Palmisano, aka, Fire Chief of the Universe

  5. luke :

    And, of course, be safe Jeff and Rich. See you soon.

  6. Emmalee :

    LOL ah luke! Snow report from beautiful breckenridge, close to 20″ have plowed the pads 3 times, my car is burried and my route home for. Tomorrow still remains closed!! Yeah for april showers . Hopefully see everyone at front range tomorrow.

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