75 Reps for time:

Power snatch, 75# (55#)

Cookie: 3 x 400m run on 3 minute interval

Post time to comments.


Amy rockin' the overhead squats.  Heels in a little tighter and we've got perfection.

So why are we doing the Paleo Challenge and not the Zone Challenge?  Well, we're starting the seven week challenge by improving the quality of the food we're putting in our pie holes.  To win the Paleo Challenge, integrating the Zone concepts that we've put into practice will give you an edge by balancing your meals to regulate hormones and restrict caloric intake to support muscle growth, but not to store fat. 

For those athletes that have already adjusted to weighing and measuring, simply eating a paleolithic diet should be an easy change.  For athletes that have held off on starting to eat in the Zone, simply improving the quality of the food that we eat will be a huge step in the right direction.  After a couple of weeks of eating a paleolithic diet, we'll have a second weekend clinic that will discuss integrating the paleolithic and Zone diets for optimal results.  I'm so excited – this is going to be amazing!

Are you not a member of CFV?

Now is the perfect time to get involved with the best fitness community in NW Denver.  Jump on the bandwagon and start March off right by scheduling your Elements Course and participate in our Paleo Challenge.  The prizes will be great, but better yet, you'll be joining 45 other people on their seven week journey to self improvement.  Call or stop by to discuss membership options.


  1. Amy Schaeffer :

    Whoa! who’s that hottie?? OOooooooooh.
    That’s not the only time I make that face………..

  2. stef :

    daaaaamn, amy you look SICK!!!!! like, in a good way 🙂 How much does it rock to think back to when we started? Now look at you! Go Hulk, it’s ya burf day (5o cent just represented)

  3. Anna :

    Nice Squat Amy. Lookin good!!!
    2/26 WOD as prescribed 5:50
    Can’t wait till snatch exercise!!! Have fun yall

  4. Rich :

    Hey guys – thought this might be something for everyone taking up the paleo diet/challenge in the coming weeks. It’s just something I found while filling the mental part of my new crossfit addiction!!!

  5. TIm M. :

    WOD rx’d 7:37 (something around that time).
    Question for all, Saint Patty’s Day is around the corner thinking something to do. Any Ideals? Wear green to WOD.
    Remember Paleo competitions that means no drinking (UGU! if my grandfather heard me say that on Saint Patty Day).

  6. cherie :

    Rich – Great idea, we get a small discount which can cover shipping costs so if anyone would like some I’ll be placing another order for paleo kits in about a week.

  7. cherie :

    10:36 rx’d

  8. As rx’d: 3:57
    Hacking a lung all day, so the cookie was 1RM front squat @ 315 AND 15 body weight front squats at 205 (BW = 202.2).
    See you guys in a couple of days!

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