Sunday 110417

Two rounds for time:

100 Squats
20 Jerks, 155#/105#

Post time to comments. 

Sarah, out of Foundations and rockin' and rollin'!  Glad to have you!

Marathoners and ultra marathoners, here is your calling.  The organizing committee for the Red Rock Relay has given us an invitation to join them.  The race will be May 14th in Moab, Utah and consists of 70 miles that is divided up between 6 team members.  You will start at sunrise and accomplish something that many would never have imagined by sunset.  The team members will run pre-set legs of the course of your choice.  We can make a great weekend of it.  Arrive on Thursday or Friday and take in the beautiful landscape of Moab.  If you have the desire to try a marathon, or do something that you would not think you could do – make your interest be known and we'll form a team!!!  You will find something in yourself that you never thought was there.  
The Red Rock Relay organizers gave CrossFit Verve one free team entry and another entry at 50% off.  If you would like do this, let us know.


  1. bill :

    No thanks on 70miles, but I want to do what I think is called the boulder boulder, its a 10k in the end of may, I hate running but it will be good to get ready for the tough mudder the following month. Who else at verve is planning on it?

  2. Slaughter :

    I’m super stoked you’re joining in on the fun!

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