Tuesday 110913

5k row for time

Every five minutes there is a penalty:
30 Abmat sit-ups
10m Handstand walk

Post time to comments. 

Bob and Maria
Bob and Maria using their fitness at teh summit of Gray's Peak.

Need a little extra volume? Join the rowing challenge 2011

Who’s ready to get their row on? Concept2 CTS is hosting the Fall Team Challenge.  The challenge runs from September 15th through October 15th. When you join the Verve team, all you have to do is log any meters you row. Log meters during a warm-up, WOD, or cool down.  

The Details

  • Each team rows as many meters as they can collectively between 12:00am September 15 and 11:59pm October 15.
  • This is a team challenge.

Prizes will be given out to teams that can row over 100,000 meters in the month, so every meter counts!!  This will give you a good reason to work on your rowing technique while at the same time get your heart rate up.  Put your name down on comments and we will set up a logbook at the gym.


Get your row in where you  fit in…

THIS WEDNESDAY AT 7:30pm join us for, How to Approach Competing in 2012

With all the opportunities to apply your fitness in CrossFit events around the Denver area, what's stopping you? Some might argue "I'm not strong enough", "I'm too old to compete with 20 somethings", or "I don't like being in the spotlight." Did you know that many of the events have masters, scaled, and team events? Whether you enjoy Olympic weightlifting, stand-up paddleboarding, or regular old CrossFit workouts, there's a competition for you.

So you've got your mind set on competing in an CrossFit event in 2012, like the CrossFit Open, what do you need to do to get ready? Believe it or not, your fitness isn't like a college class that you can cram for the night before the final. CrossFit requires you to be capable of many tasks, many of which take time and practice in order to master. Training needs to begin sooner than you think and training for an event takes a well outlined plan.

On September 14th and 7:30pm we're hosting an informal meeting to discuss how to approach competing in 2012. Topics will range from scheduling for optimal performance and recovery, to how to fuel yourself optimally for additional volume.  Your ticket for entry is to complete the Competitor's Download Competitor_Info_Sheet-1Please put some thought into your answers and record your most recent PR's for benchmark workouts.


  1. I’m in! James? Where is James? It’s too quiet James… SOMEONE CHECK ON JAMES!

  2. James (O.G.) :

    Wha? What’s going on, Potts? I was sleeping….

  3. J.Wrede :

    Dear Cross Fit Verve, J.Wrede would like to join the rowing challenge. Love, J.Wrede

  4. Kevin :

    put me down for some rowing

  5. NateRader :

    I’m also game for some rowing.

  6. Matt :

    I too, would like to row.

  7. Matt :

    Oh yeah, HD&CC is up on the schedule. Sorry for the delay.

  8. robyn :

    Pick me for a little rowing please!

  9. Jim Reilly :

    I’m up for rowing – thanks!

  10. Ali :

    I hate rowing! Therefore, you should sign me up too!

  11. dane :

    I’m in. – didnt get enough rowing today…

  12. Cherie :

    I’m in for rowing!
    Joylyn are you feeding or sleeping too? I know you’re in.

  13. Slaughterr :

    <- love me some rowing.

  14. Leslie :

    I will be in Spain for 10 days- if a team needs a somewhat absentee member that hates rowing- let me know!

  15. Rex :

    Can we row at home too? Either way, I’m in

  16. Ann Archinal :

    LOVE to row….sign me up!

  17. Phil :

    I do believe that I’ll row with y’all.

  18. Ross :


  19. Leslie :

    ooftah! Have to cancel again today- headache is back. thursday!

  20. Michael W :

    I’ll join in on the rowing, too!

  21. Maria :

    Oy Vey! Rowing is my Nemesis! What the heck, I’ll join the rowing team as well!

  22. Greg :

    Rowing is one of my less sucky things I am in.

  23. Gerson :

    Dislike rowing… check
    sign me up

  24. Rachel :

    Count me in!

  25. Jamey :

    I am in for rowing

  26. Sarah Lev :

    I guess so, although after that WOD today I might have to rethink this decision…

  27. Bess :

    Count me in for rowing…

  28. Hanna K :

    Count me in – hotel travel gyms, crummy back and all!

  29. Eric W :

    I’ll row, but I’m gone for the first two weeks

  30. Erin :

    I hope that by joining this challenge I will suck less at rowing at the end. I’m in!

  31. Emmalee :

    I too am in!

  32. Joylyn :

    Cherie–you are right! I’m definitely in for the rowing challenge.
    24hours post my first wod in 2 weeks and I’m sore like a newbie all over again…….wowzer!

  33. James (O.G.) :

    I have heard of this rowing thing and it intrigues me. I will give it a go.

  34. Courtney :

    It’s on like donkey kong.

  35. Darika :

    I’ll do some rowing. Need to work on technique.

  36. Trina R :

    I definitely need to work on rowing — so count me in too. 100,000 meters sounds like a lot.
    PS — I take issue with the handstand walks and situps being categorized as a “penalty.” I like to think of them as a reward and a break from being done with 4 minutes of rowing.

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