Salmon Casserole and Fennel Salad

Nutrition is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle.  There are many resources to keep you on the right path. Some of our favorite websites include:  We’ll be announcing the details of our upcoming Change Your Life Nutrition Kick-off this week, so keep your eyes peeled!  It’s going to be the best one yet!

Emeals is a service that sends you recipes and shopping list weekly, with different meal options, we chose the Paleo option with our groupon deal.  Here is a recipe from emeals that has been adapted to be zone friendly. 

Salmon Casserole and Fennel Salad


 6 eggs  6P
9oz of smoked salmon  6P 
1/3cup green onions chopped  1
1 1/4cup red bell pepper chopped  1C
1/2tsp of black pepper  freebie
For salad: 
4Tbs of avocado chunks  4F 
1 bulb of fennel, finely sliced  2C 
1 grapefruit cut into small sections  2C
2Tbs of lemon juice  freebie
21/3 tsp of olive oil  8F

Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees.  Grab your 12 count cupcake tin and prep it with a little coconut oil spray, or non-stick spray.  Evenly divide the smoked salmon into all 12 spots.  Combine the eggs, pepper, onions, and peppers in a bowl and mix together.  Evenly add the mixture into the 12 spots.  Place in oven and let cook for 20-25 minutes or until they are set in the middle.  
While the casserole’s are cooking, we can prep the salad.  Place the avocado, fennel, and grapefruit in a large bowl.  In a different bowl, whisk together the lemon juice and olive oil.  After the liquids have combined, poor over the salad.  
This meal makes 12P 6C 12F.  Each casserole is 1P, divide the salad into four even servings for 1C and 3F. 

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