Saturday 083113

For fun:

Sunrise summit on Torrey's Peak

Who would not love to start their day off with this view??

We will be hiking the south slopes of Torreys Peak. This hike will be challenging for those experiencing a 14'er for the first time; however, we will be doing a route that will be fairly moderate, so don't you worry. 

Here is a link that will take you to details regarding Torreys Peak. Please keep in mind that we are only planning on completing Torrey's for the sunrise; however, I'm sure that folks might want to continue to Grays, as that is a fairly easy transition. Please feel free to continue your journey, there are no rules! 
Our current plan is to start our hike at 3am (yes, you read correctly… 3am) With this being said, please feel free to group together, and carpool to the trailhead Some have an interest in camping in their vehicles the evening before, and others have mentioned meeting at Verve and driving down Friday night. Whatever toots your horn! 
For the actual hike, there are a few key items that you will not want to leave out of your backpack. 
Here are some things to include in your check list:
Water at least 2 L (3 is better)
Flashlight (lightweight) / headlamp 
Protein bars/ snacks (I believe King Soopers has a sale on Cliff bars)
light rain jacket/windbreaker– try to not have cotton clothing.
if you have any allergies, bring your medication- epi pens, inhaler etc. 
Please remember that it will be the middle of the night, so you will want to wear layers. Include a pair of gloves, thick socks, reliable hiking shoes, soft shell, or non cotton jacket and a beenie (on the way up) hat (on the way down)  are always a good idea.
Looking to improve your Oly lifts?  Verve is hosting the Strength Specific Seminar silver class on Monday the 1st of September.  This will be a small class environment so the coaches can give you individual coaching and tips.  You will be moving a majority of the day working on all three pulls of both the snatch and clean.  There are a few spots left.  Register HERE. 

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