Regional Games Practice Event

Three rounds for time of:

7 Deadlifts, 135# (90#)

7 Hang squat cleans, 135# (90#)

7 Push jerks, 135# (90#)

400m Run

Post time to comments.


Sherry squat clean and thrustering 55#, way to go Sherry.

Over the past week we have had many, many reasons to celebrate.  Here is a snippet; Emmalee and Ben completed their first workout with muscles-ups.  Jake got his first muscle-up.  During Sundays 5k run; Tammer completed his first one, Emily dropped 3 minutes off her time, Mike C. dropped 1 minute and Leet dropped 2 minutes.  Joei, Stef, Chelsea, and Tom F. all linked 2-5 pull-ups unassisted. Melissa got three double unders.  Eighteen people were not afraid to give the filthy fifty a go. 

Also we realize that the Verve athletes have quite the sense of humor.  We've had great responses to the t-shirt contest.  Remember we are still holding out for the best one, so keep them coming and we will post the top five for your voting pleasure. 

On Thursday during the squat clean and thruster WOD, 12 people improved their times considerably in a little over one month.  Highlights of results based fitness from that day;

Amy went from 21:55 to 14:55.  Flip 15:34 at 75# to 15:05 with 95#.  Doug 16:32 to 14:15.  Cheresa 13:36 to 10:41.  Alan 13:31 to 11:46.  Anna 14:16 to 10:32.  Elizabeth 15:26 to 12:08.  Chelsea 16:53 to 11:01.  Stef 12:08 at 45# to 14:10  with 65#.  Gerson 14:33 to 13:04.  Joylyn 13:18 to 12:22.  Hillary 11:07 with 55# to 12:36 with 65#.  Great improvements people!!!

All those wanting carpool to FRCF, please meet at the Verve at 8:15am.  See you there. 


  1. cool picture mom! It’s awesome that you’re doing crossfit (and have been for a while now)! I’m pround of you!
    I’ve been doing travel WODS in Ecuador and I’ve got to say that I really miss the Verve. I miss the comeraderie, competition and all and all being around good people. I wish everybody luck in regionals when they come around!

  2. jaRed :

    Way to do Travel WOD’s Dan. Im sure that is much harder without the community, but I’m sure the people walking along the beach understand what burpees are and what your doing…. right?.
    T-shirt idea:
    CFV bar of soap design on the front.
    “Isolate Me Not” on the back.
    Great job everyone on the amazing improvements! Wish I could make the WOD today… gotta go punch in.

  3. Amy Schaeffer :

    Whoa, Sherry!!! 55 lbs is a lot!!! You are a strong woman! You’ll be out brand new baby kitten hunting with me in no time.
    Quote ideas:
    ” Addictions are not always bad”
    “My family’s got my back” (CF Verve family of course!)
    “The only difference between me and Chuck Norris is that I really can roundhouse kick”
    “My Life is CrossFit”
    “Nothing seems quite as bad when I am in the middle of Barbara”
    “Lifting with Heros”

  4. Joylyn :

    Good luck everyone today–go show em what CFV is made of! So many successes everyday! I’ll be thinking of y’all at work.
    Matt or Cherie–can you please send me or post the travel WOD’s with little/no need of equipment? I think I remember 150 burpees for time is one…..but what are some of the others?

  5. Luke :

    Just wanted to share my story. The WOD at FRCF was very enjoyable. It was the most intense atmosphere I’ve been in since doing Fran at my Level 1 Cert. I never participated in athletics in high school or otherwise, so this was an interesting experience for me. My time was 12:48. On the grand scheme of things, my time was in the lower tier, but, I can honestly say I gave it everything I had. I was tapped out at the end of it, so I’m very pleased with how I did. It was inspiring to see everyone from the Verve doing the same. If anything, I’m even more pumped now to eat right, work out hard, and take care of myself. Can’t wait for the games.

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