"Rhabdo Rabbit"

For time, do 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 rep rounds of:

Medicine ball tuck jumps, 20# (15#)

Kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)

5m shuttle run (down and back, touch line)

Goblet squats, 24kg (16kg)

Post time to comments.


Tiffany is pushing hard through the Elements.  We look forward to seeing her join the group WOD's.

Starting Monday, we'll be changing out stretch/warm-up routine.  We are going to start incorporating some more dynamic stretching into our routine.  Recent studies have shown that static stretching reduces strength and limits total power output by decreasing the elasticity of muscle fibers, tendons, and ligaments.  We don't want that now do we?  Let us know what you think of the new routine.


  1. Cass :

    Hey all, I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that for the time being, Jason and I will not be joining the WOD’s with all of you. You are all an amazing group of people and I have enjoyed every workout with you! We will be dropping in with a punch card every now and then. Take care and thanks for all of the GREAT times!

  2. Cass, I’m bummed about you and Jason not being able to make it in. I hope to see you and Jason as members again should the situation improve. Nice job and congrats on improving your fitness so dramatically.

  3. Kiley :

    Jason and Cass –we are going to miss you both, hope everything works out okay, and hope to see you both back at the verve family soon.

  4. James :

    14:59, subbed 20# DB for medicine ball.

  5. Amy :

    Sad face about Cass and Jason 🙁
    As for the new dynamic stretching routine, I have a few questions before I decide on how I feel about it:
    1) Do I have a choice?
    2)Is it going to hurt?
    3) Will it include dogeball?
    a- will the trainers participate in the dodgeball game?
    b- will a weighted ball, perhaps, be used?
    4) Will Anthony still wear his socks?
    5) Will Matt keep in mind that not everyone was lucky enough to get Chuck Norris genes?
    6) Will Cherie still be available for me to talk her ear off?

  6. Matt :

    The answers are as follows:
    1) No
    2) No, unless of course you’re horribly inflexible.
    3) No, but I love the idea.
    3a) Cherie won’t play – I’ve tried. She just stands there crying while I pelt her with dodgeballs. Amusing nonetheless.
    3b) No, I need your shoulder to be tip top for more heavy jerks.
    4) Anthony has agreed to wear his socks on heavy days, as they are both orthopedic and prevent spider veins.
    5) No – I will not. To do so would be cheating myself.
    6) Cherie is always available for a chat. Call her right now, she needs to wake up from her nap and coach.
    Seriously though, we have been moving towards more dynamic stretching lately… Monday we are going to test run dynamic only stretching. Wait for it…

  7. cherie :

    James did the tuck jumps hurt with a dumbell?

  8. James :

    Cherie- Yeah, but I’m all done having kids.
    Nah, seriously, they were fine. Held the dumbell pretty high up on my chest where my knees weren’t going anyway. Form was probably horrendous.

  9. Ben :

    subbed 150 burpess for everything

  10. Alan :

    Nice work on the Burpees Ben! Sub 15 ROCKS! You’re a stud!

  11. cherie :

    Luke 15:08
    Britt 15:44 (24#)
    Emily 16:08 (24#/16#)
    Kiley 12:12
    Jake 17:32 (35#)
    Chelsea 16:37 (24#)
    Joylyn 17:22
    Mas 17:06
    Jen 19:17 (24#)
    Anthony 15:28 (72#)
    Amy 16:42
    Steff 17:13
    Alan 16:04 (72#)
    Anna 17:16 (54#)
    Cherie 15:20 (54#)
    Mike 21:00 (44#)
    Erin 15:34 (54#)
    Row 5K
    Elizabeth 29:04
    Elements #2
    Tom 12:14 PP 55#, KB 35#
    Elements #3
    Tiffany 6.5 rounds
    Great job everyone. I’d like to give a shout out to Alan for such a creative and fun WOD. Also to all those who went above prescribed weight. Nice work.
    Hey everyone let Alan know what you thought of Rhabdo Rabbit.

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