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Shoulder press 5-5-5-5-5 reps

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Team Verve.

In order to recap the day, we thought we'd sit around and write you a little team Verve poem.  Here goes;

It was a cold and sober morning.

Uphill both ways with no shoes came true. 

How much was that shirt?  Because we bought a lot of f***ing shirts today. 

Anna and Cherie crushed their overhead squat PR's… but, not to be out done by Mas who overhead squated a sea kayak.


Gerson was that guy and Tim tried to fly.

Tiff left them in the dust,

in Gerson we can trust,

Cherie made them all lust,

Alan ran like the wind.

They wouldn't let Zac be our judge,

so we had a guy who didn't budge.

Five fingers still freak us out.

"There is no bidet at the ranch".- The Matt Chan  Hummm…

Lululemon has a tent, yet they want every last red cent.

"Does this jumbotron make my butt look big?"

We all work to have a sexy ass, but today everyone was looking at our calves.  Thanks to Alan who gave us all Verve tattoos and now we are waiting for "The Matt Chan" to give all the other competitors the blues.

Seaside is no spring meadow, but it sure is ghetto. 

We were all looking forward to the hot tub, but alas no rub a dub dub.

The dishwasher only works if you wheel it to the sink and the landlady carried with her quite a stink.

Gerson's room was the suite in the garage, right next to the gar-bage.

The art on the walls was handmade by the locals in the second grade.

Tomorrow, The Matt Chan will debut, we will be cheering him on what about you?

Any Questions?

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  1. Matt :

    Who stole my computer this is not funny….Humm
    -“The Matt Chan”-

  2. Mike :

    What – no cookies for you

  3. Mike :

    whoa…that poem was so awesome. so, for all those folks back home, this is how the day went for me:
    first, we were like…sweet! great first wod.
    then….crap, not so good…, damn that sucked.
    third wod….that was OUR name on the loud speaker…f-in AWESOME!!!!
    then later we went sea kayaking which was really really rad. (lots of seals.)
    then i read the poem and was like, daaaaaaanng…..that is a really good poem. it’s really confusing which is totally a sign of a super intelligent wordsmithing.

  4. Gerson :

    Back in my hip-hop days me and biggy used to rap on the corner of 54th and Jackson. When I was in the moment of falling down the hill run I rembered biggy give me one more chance and all the sudden I pulled it together and completed the event with the rest of the Verve Team. We all became a Unit like 50 cent and his homies. Peace late homies

  5. tiff :

    leet—–you totally stole my post. that’s mine dude.

  6. Danimal :


  7. thal :

    Any one have a bead on how Matt finished the Run? We are rooten for him!!!

  8. James :

    Matt pulled a 485# DL in the 2nd event (20th and a PR) and finished the run in 58th. Sandbag run in 1:11. Best updates on

  9. James :

    And yes, I have a question: What the hell are you people smoking out there?

  10. James :

    Try this for updates:

  11. Mas :

    Matt rocked the fourth wod. Row and stake drive. Currently, he has the second fastest time. He’s going to bring the heat on the last wod!

  12. thanks for the update Mas!! following online, but its always good to get a first hand report! james, i can’t keep up with all the twittering!! 🙂

  13. Emily :

    YEAH MATT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And to the whole crew who competed yesterday, woo hoo!!!!
    -admiring you all!!

  14. James :

    It’s “tweeting” Melissa…. I know, i just figured out how to use this Twitter thing to follow the games. It’s a little hard to track

  15. Danimal :

    I’m going crazy to find out what’s going on… any updates Mas?

  16. Chris :

    SO the main site tweeter wont update the final results….all they said was MATT CHAN THE FORMER BATMAN!! updates please

  17. James :

    Results have posted, Matt in 18th at end of day, 7 points out of the finals (top 16 compete tomorrow). Great effort, Matt. You’re a monster.

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