Saturday 100102

10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Kettlebell swings 24Kg (16Kg)

Burpee hurdles 24" (20")

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Jared looking sharp for 2010.

Assistance band woes. A common question we get from beginning CrossFitters is about what is better, jumping pullups or assistance band pullups? The answer is both.

The jumping pullup, set to the appropriate height, will allow the athlete to go through the full range of motion of the pullup by use of assistance from his or her own legs. In addition, the athlete can develop the pushing and pulling action from the bar, which will help to comprehend the kip. The benefit of the jumping pullup is that the work of getting chin over or chest to the bar is still being done by the athlete with the assistance of his or her legs rather than upper body only.

The band assisted pullup allows the athlete to hang freely from the bar, demonstrate full ROM of the pullup, and develop the kip. The athlete can use different sized bands to match their skill level and progress through the bands until they are ready to go unassisted. The drawback of the assistance bands is that they reduce the amount of work being done by the athlete.

The important thing to understand in developing your pullup is that it is going to take time and work. Just like everything else we teach in the gym, there is some skill in the task of getting your chin over the bar. And, just like everything else we do in the gym, your success is matched by your time under the bar and sweat on the floor.

Thanks to Patrick Burke at MBS CrossFit for such a great post.


  1. Jeff "CueBall" :

    BROTHER!!!! That sweat band is siiicccck! I should prob look into one of those. No hair on the head allows the sweat to pour off like a waterfall.
    Did Murph yesterday and was going to wear my flak until I got on a PU bar and found a serious flaw in the design… it puts me in a blood choke! So 45:30 was my time w/o flak. I’ll have to look into a weight vest, are the ones that was sponsored at the games the best to get or something else?

  2. Jeff "CueBall" :

    PS what is a Burpee Hurdle? I’m thinkin, instead of a vetical jump it’s over a hurdle?

  3. JaRed :

    That is an amazing time Jeff! I still have yet to do Murph with the vest. The headbands not only look AMAZING but they are also very functional for sweaty guys like us. For the best vest, I would pick Cherie’s brain for that one. Burpee hurdle? I think it is when you do enough burpees to puke… 8)
    Glad to hear from you McDoofy!

  4. No kidding, I might have to start goin’ all Olivia Newton-John on the scene too. “Let’s get PHYSICAL”

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