Saturday 100313

In three minutes, complete the following:

Row 500m 

As many kettlebell snatches as possible

Rest 3:00 and repeat for a total of four rounds.

Post number of Kettlebell snatches to comments.

Noel working hard in the enduro/stamina WOD.


TODAY at 1pm we will have an hour that you can come in and work on skills.  Cherie will be there to assist and give coaching tips, however you are responsible for warming yourself up prior to say jumping on a set of rings.  You can also come in if you have nutrition questions, concerns or the likes.  If you've been dying to work on a skill, get in here and work on them.


  1. Amy Schaeffer :

    Let’s be realistic here, I do CrossFit for the glorious ass…..but I also do CrossFit because I get to witness such awesome moments that change people’s lives forever…..Like watching Sarah’s serious face as she concentrated on her pull-ups go from frown to smile! Her face completely lit up as she realized she just did something she had never been able to do before and that was not even a possiblity just a few months ago…..These moments are why CrossFit is the Shit!!!!!

  2. Greg B :

    Not me I am in it for the glorious hot ass!

  3. Matt :

    You see now why we trainers have the best jobs around – we get to see people celebrate firsts on a near-daily basis. It literally
    makes this all worthwhile. If you feel like you haven’t celebrated a first in a while, you should try something new and challenging.
    Maybe an inverted burpee or an inverted muscle-up. How about a clapping pull-up or kettlebell juggling. Ask Cherie to bring in the crash pads and try back handspring or back flip. Just ideas.

  4. Matt :

    Oh, I’d like to add to the March PR list:
    “Jackie” as Rx’d @ STA62
    (Row at 1:42 500m pace, thrusters unbroken, pull-ups 20/10)
    This is one of the first WOD’s that I ever did. First completed at 24hrFitness on Colorado & Evans right around 7:00. Next time, also at 24hr, was 6:30 with a wicked 1000m row pace (3:12). Once more at the firehouse about a year ago at 6:18. Now sub six! That was a goal of mine for the last year.
    I have James W. to thank for row tech and pacing info.

  5. tiff :

    cherie thanks for the awesome hour of fun…so great to practice stuff at your own pace and with a relaxed atmosphere. sorry i almost fell on you. =)

  6. derek :

    I thought today was really awesome from the ninja warrior warm up to today’s wod which is one that worked directly on my weak points(one of many) and the hr of skills work after was really helpful, thanks Cherie as always. Really good day in the gym feel like I got better today. Also I still haven’t had my “cheat” 2hrs yet and honestly haven’t wanted to, I have been feeling really strong, sore but strong

  7. Ware :

    Cherie, thanks for offering the skills hour and providing the coaching.I am going to get that “f”ing muscle up soon. I can’t get it off my mind. Thanks for the all the coaching and everyones support.

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