Saturday 100424

Five rounds:

30 Kettlebell swings (24kg, 16kg) in one minute followed by a minute rest.

For every missed rep in the minute, complete 2x that many goblet squats during your minute rest.

Post missed reps to comments.

Take responsibility for your FUZZ!


  1. Dan :

    I heart the fuzz speach. Wow, very cool way to understand my shoulder inflexibility and some of the things I’ve overcome in my squat.

  2. Jeremy :

    Wow; dude’s almost as goofy as me. Loved it.

  3. Erin :

    Seriously!? Where do you guys find these videos!? This guy is a TRIP! 🙂 If you want an excellent FUZZ killer (haha) you should try out this guy: Jason Thompson LMCT. He will hurt you so good with some trigger point massage therapy to rid your body of the evil ‘fuzz.’ He is not for the faint of heart however!! So be prepared for some intense therapy. Trust me though, you’ll feel like a whole new person afterwards!!! 303-895-5982
    No more Fuzz!

  4. Erin :

    I also put some of his cards up on the cork board at the gym.

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