Saturday 100508

Three rounds for time, each on a five minute interval:

Row 500m

Run 400m

Post times to comments.

Noon class being amazing sauce


  1. Yo! Are you ready to experience goats? Hey now… not like THAT.
    I’m offering up my digs to for a get-together to celebrate the Regionals badasses. Saturday, May 8th, 3pm’ish. Bring the beer you’d like to drink, a dish to share and a chair in which to sit. Hopefully the weather will be agreeable. If so, we can eat, drink and be merry while witnessing pygmy goat hijinks. If not, we can hang inside with my cat “Bonquiqui.” She’s a tramp and will accept well-intentioned strokes.
    Please leave your pooches at home since mine, although nice, can get a bit crazy. Sides, we’ve got the goat factor and my dogs can barely handle it after a full year!
    Let me know if you have any questions. Please email me @ or via Facebook . Cell is 720-297-9620.

  2. Matt :

    Live action at the SoCal Regionals on all day today and tomorrow!

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