Saturday 100515


Five rounds for time of:

400 Meter run
30 Box jump, 24", 20"
30 Wall ball shots, 20#, 14#

Post time to comments.

Emily, graceful and strong!  


  1. Alan :

    Damn! Probably one of my all time fave’s…if not MY FAV…Stuck at work! Maybe I could try in while here!!???

  2. Elizabeth :

    DAMN IT!!! Kelly is the workout that almost defeated and I’m missing it! Hope ya all had fun…

  3. Dan :

    Alan, I was 20 seconds off your previous record this time… nice work.
    Matt and Cherie, I think we need to train with logs too… just watching main site vids. 🙂

  4. Alan :

    Strong Work Dan!!! I really have to get in there and try this one again! It has been at least since last fall that I did this one!

  5. bk :

    bk as rx’d 27:46

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