Saturday 100529

Five rounds for time:

5 Muscle-ups

10 Power cleans, 135#/95#

Run 220m

Post time to comments.

Chris Slaughter working through "Snatching Bear" on Thursday.


  1. Dan Y :

    I wanna do the “snatching bear” again. Such good snatch practice and good for core strength…

  2. Matt :

    I want to do it for the first time after seeing you all struggle through it (which is a good thing). I was amazed at everyone’s efforts, despite failed attempts.
    Today’s will be pretty rad too!

  3. Kristine Reinking :

    great workout! The Bear used to be one of my favorites, but not I think its been replaced with the Snatching Bear!

  4. kim :

    Always good music with the videos, what is this song?

  5. Matt :

    Rome by Yeasayer
    Glad you likee.

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