Saturday 100612

Three rounds for time of:

15 Deadlifts 225#, 155#

21 Kettlebell Swings 32kg, 24kg

Run 350 Meters

Compare your results to the San Diego 2010 Sectional.

Post time to comments.

Katie and Cailtin are happy to be working on their abductor strength


  1. Dan Y :

    Wow, top men times are about 2:39 per round and women just over 3:00/round. I wish I was doing this one for sure.
    Love the faces ladies! It’s like something is stretching your eyebrows up too 😀

  2. Matt :

    Good catch Dan ;^]

  3. Smiley ladies 🙂

  4. Lisa :

    Bada@$$ RAFTERS: We are still going rafting…rain, shine, sleet, snow…. 😉
    River guides are on the river as I type chekcing out the best trip for us tomorrow. Meet for Car Pool at the Verve at 6am. Be in Granite at the Lakota outpost on Hwy 24 at 8:30am if you are not with the carpool. If you get there a little later due to work schedule, no worries…we’ll be gearing up and signing paperwork.
    Please, Please, Please dress warm. Bring warm clothes to change into after the trip. Please consider bringing cash to tip your guides (you can also add tip to credit card if you would like). These guides are working all day today to prepare for all of YOU tomorrow. There are 30 of us. It’s going to be a great trip regardless of weather…See you tomorrow!!

  5. Holly :

    I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!! Only 12 more weeks until I’m done and can come back to play! We ran 3 miles yesterday. That is a goal that I thought that I would really have a hard time with….and to not walk. BUT….I did it….29:26. I cut 2 minutes off my 1.5 mile in the last 7 weeks which is great!
    Any idea where the gym is moving to??

  6. Dan Y :

    Matt and Emilee, did you see the video on the main site about sectionals? you both got some nice face time 🙂

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