Saturday 100807

Run 800m for time
Then, tabata sit-up

Run 400m for time
Then, tabata front squats, 65#/45#

Run 200m for time
Then, tabata burpee

All athletes will start the tabata intervals at the same time.  So, those that finish the run faster are able to rest longer.  Tabata score will be a total for all reps.

Post total running time and total tabata score to comments.

McKenna – full extension.

Two events going down on Sunday – don't miss out:

1. Swimming WOD!  Only 2 left, so make sure to take advantage of the great weather.

2. BBQ and hot tubbin' at the Pryor's house @ 4PM.  Paleo delicacies welcome!


  1. Dan Y :

    Oh geez, Mike’s face is sooooooo serious. He means it, I can tell.

  2. McKenna :

    I hope thats not what my ‘o’ face looks like, mayday!

  3. Luke :

    Mike, I never wanna know what your ‘o’ face looks like. I kid. But seriously.
    On another note, it’s a rest day for me, and this pleases me. Word.

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