Saturday 100918

For time:

1600m Run
100 Double unders
50 Pull-ups
25 Burpees
10 Med-ball clean wallballs
25 Med-ball sit-ups
50 Push-ups
100 Walking lunges
1600m Row

Post time and thoughts to comments.

The chain gang!

One week until Metro Dash, I'm getting so excited!  


  1. OK. Who pissed off the trainer? Seriously! Who said that what we do isn’t enough?! Seriously! Who said something was too easy?! Thank beejeezuz that today is a rest day! Holy canoli!!!

  2. Dan Y :

    hahaha. Agreed Cat

  3. Jeremy :

    Matt, you’re a dick.

  4. Amanda K. :

    holy macaroni that was 46 minutes of craziness. phew.

  5. robyn :

    Thanks Luke for the butt kicker this morning, and listening to my complaining. Never again am i going to have 4 glasses of wine the night before and come to try and do a WOD like that:(

  6. Alan :

    I hate I am at work missing this WOD!!!! And I miss Luke!

  7. oohhh, so fun..definitely gonna have to make this one up!!!

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