Saturday 110115

Seven rounds for time:

5 Supine ring rows

10 Push press, 115#/75#

15 Box jumps, 24"/20"

Post time to comments.

An inspiring video about injury, rehab, hard work, and PR's. 

It's on!  The "Best Shape of My Life Challenge" has begun, so log your inputs and your outputs (workouts… duh).  Get your pictures taken, blood work completed, vitals assessed, and measurements this week – the sooner the better.  The benchmark workout for the Challenge will be completed Monday.  

Here we go!


  1. Greg B. :

    It’s on like Donkey Kong! Woot!

  2. Amanda K. :

    Stellar Video. Oh, and Greg, it is so on!

  3. heather s :

    34:34.8 on my 7K row at 9,100ft up here at Crossfit Thin Air!
    check out their website nutrition link at the butternut squash soup with adobo chilies is fantastic!

  4. donna :

    Does the post workout meal have to be at the gym, as long as you have it within the 1/2 hour? I find the whey protein stuff to be pretty gross plus it’s not paleo, so I’d like to avoid.

  5. Courtney :

    12:49 RX, did this one at work and had to spend a little time moving between rooms. I’m sure I can look back and know why this is but my arms are killing me, 75# got a little heavy. . . but I’m definitely NOT complaining. 🙂

  6. CC :

    It can be anywhere as long as no more then 30 minutes goes by before eating it. – CC
    Did HD&CC WOD today
    60%DE Box squat 135# (had to do 125# and 1 set of chains)

  7. Robyn :

    Please share more paleo zone recipes! And if anyone does a calculation for a food that is not on the paleo foods best lost would you mind sharing with the rest of us! Frozen salmon burgers from Costco; 1 burger is 20g protein so just shy of 3 block protein.

  8. Dan W :

    Awesome video!
    Robyn, I think all you need to do is look at the nutrition label, and divide out by the proper macro nutrient block number that the food falls into (C-9g,P-7g, F-1.5g). It looks like you’ve already got that down though with the Salmon burgers. Produce will be tougher, so I setup an account on as Cherie suggested, and it’s had the first few that I’ve looked up.

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