Saturday 110220


10 rounds for time of:
15 ft Rope Climb, 1 ascent
29 Back squats
Odd object Farmer carry, 10 meters

Loads and expectations will be explained before WOD.  If barbells are dropped, there will be a 10 burpee penalty.  Begin the rope climbs seated on the floor.

Post time to comments.

Welcome Emily to the family, just out of foundations


  1. Emmalee :

    From one Emmalee to another, welcome!!!!

  2. Greg B :

    Sorry I missed this one, but someone has to ski the fresh snow at Snowmass. 🙂

  3. Matt :

    28:xx nearly as Rx’d… did a 144# stone carry instead of BB carry.

  4. robyn :

    Challenge question, for the bonus point of eating 5 meals, is that for only five meals or do you get the point if you have more than 5 Meals? Man I’m hungry today after that WOD and HD&CC.
    I’m not afraid of the rope climbs anymore!

  5. Dan W :

    You can eat more than 5. Count the highest 5 point values/day. Cherie confirmed this a couple weeks ago and it’s been great for me. I like eating 2-3 blockers throughout the day as opposed to forcing myself through 4&5 blockers.

  6. Erin :

    Wow, that was quite a workout! I don’t know my time- I was a little slow, got cut off and finished after the other class started warm ups.
    I saw this comment from Captain Thompson’s wife, thought I’d share. Certainly puts a tough WOD in perspective.
    “Hey Babe,
    Each day I wake up hoping today will be easier than yesterday.
    I miss you more every day. Our forever got cut way too short. I will kiss the girls for you today as I do every day…but first I will finish this WOD (you know I hate farmer’s carry)!
    Today, Tomorrow, and Forever,

  7. Joylyn :

    6rds + rope climb & 20 squats. Back squats w/65#. Farmer carry w/65# barbell each hand.–Sheesh!
    An amazing quote to put things into perspective Erin. Thanks for sharing. Lots of poignant comments regarding this wod on the mainsite. It’s quite a memorable one for sure.

  8. cherie :

    30:42 RX
    used a 105# stone for the walk
    This one left me limbing

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