Saturday 110416

As a team of two compete the following tabata intervals:

16 Rounds ball slams 
8 Rounds pull-overs
4 Rounds push-ups
1:00 minute rest

Then, for time:
200 m overhead plate lunge 

Post time to comments.

Joe developing his posterior chain!

Congratulations goes out to the winner of the most improved athletic performance over the nine week nutrition challenge goes to…

Male winner: Rich McClung with an amazing performance increase.  Rich's pre-WOD Cindy was 14 rounds even rx'd and post-WOD challenge was 18 rounds 10 reps.  That's four more rounds and 10 reps.  The men's challenge was once again tight with Bernie and Munn's on Rich's tail.  Rich you have won a free month at Verve, your $50 bucks back and a coveted Verve T.

Female winner: Sara Weisbart with an amazing performance increase.  Sara's pre-WOD Cindy was 12 rounds and 5 reps rx'd and post challenge was 16 rounds 8 reps, that's four more rounds and 3 reps.  The women were also tight with M.J. (Melissa S.) and Katie Malone hot on Sara's tail. Sara you have won a free month at Verve, your $50 bucks back and a coveted Verve T.

Remaining point winners will be posted on Monday. Congratulations to all!

Workout 11.4 at MBS CrossFit

The first heat will go at 9:40 AM and run roughly every 20 minutes until completion or noon, whichever comes first. Heats will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Meaning, you show up and sign up for a heat on the whiteboard. There will be between 8-12 athletes per heat.

We will be able to scale the workout for individuals that cannot do the prescribed Overhead Squat weight or muscle ups. The modification for muscle ups will be 2x ring dips.

Meeting to Carpool? Meeting place change.

We are meeting for coffee at cork and coffee in the highlands, on meade and 32nd at 8:30 before heading to MBS if anyone else want to join.  


  1. greg b :

    Go get ’em Verve peeps. I amat work and missing the fun.

  2. Dan Watson :

    Four + round improvements in 9 weeks! Nicely done you two!

  3. robyn :

    Yeah Rich and Sara, that is awesome! Congrats on a stellar performance.

  4. Matt :

    Rich and Sara – nice work!!!! Congrats on all your hard work.

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