Saturday 110430


Five rounds for time of:
400m Run
15 Overhead squats, 95#/65#

Post time to comments. 

The CrossFit Open come to a close… what did you think?


  1. Dan Watson :

    I think we need some peeps to come cheer on their fellow Ververs @ roots tomorrow! Meet up at Cork & Coffee around 7:45am leaving by 8:15am I’d say. I missed the 1st week of the open @ Verve, but the last 4 have been awesome! Tomorrow should be no exception and I’m so excited to have seen all of the accomplishments over the past 6 weeks!

  2. Slaughter :

    I think the local community building has been awesome. At first I was somewhat skeptical whether this would be lost. My suspicions were unwarranted. I do feel like I’ve been somewhat tailoring my life around this “6 week” open and would like it to be shorter, either a 4 week open or maybe something like 2 a week for 3 weeks. I am impressed with how many people signed up. This was no easy feat, and quite amazing by any measure.

  3. Joylyn :

    I have to stay behind today at Verve to coach, but Mas will be up at Roots today with all you competitors–go kill it and HAVE FUN! Then revel in food and laughs afterward.
    It’s been nothing short of amazing watching all of you persevere and grow through these challenges over the last 6 weeks–congratulations on putting yourself out there for the community and all that you’ve contributed!

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