Saturday 110514

"Beat The Streets"

As a team of three, for time:

 Run 400 meters (entire team)
150 Box Jumps (24" box for everyone)
75 Push Press (40#/25# dumbbells)
75 Air Squats
150 Steps Walking Lunge (with 45#/25# dumbbells)
Run 400 meters (entire team)

Come join the fun, heats start at 9am, we will scale as needed.


You can donate HERE, or we will have a collection at the gym.

Come on come all to beat the streets!


Teams of 3 (at least 1 female per team).  Teams will compete in either the Social or Competitive (rx’d) Division.  For the Competitive Division, the WOD must be done as prescribed and will be judged accordingly.  Athletes may compete on more than one team if they like (in different heats).


Teams of 3, everyone must run together at the beginning and the end.  Only one person working at a time on the other exercises, with the remaining 2 athletes take turns holding a 25# plate overhead (the plate must be overhead the entire time during the Box Jumps, Push Press, Air Squats, and Walking Lunges).


Results are based on the time it takes to complete the workout. The fastest team wins!


Team cannot start the first exercise until everyone has completed the run, team cannot start the next exercise until all reps are done.  Final time is when the slowest athlete finishes their 400m run.

WOD Standards

  • Box Jumps – Entire foot must be on the box, open hips at the top.  Step down is ok.
  • Push Press – Dumbbells must touch shoulder and reach full extension (arms straight at the top).
  • Air Squats – Crease of the hip below the knee (must be below parallel).  Full extension at the top.
  • Walking Lunge – Back knee must touch the ground, hips must come to full extension at the top.


Appropriate substitutions:

  • 400m run = row 400m if necessary
  • Box Jumps = step ups and/or shorter box
  • Push Press = lighter weight
  • Air Squat = sit on a box or medball
  • Walking Lunge = lighter weight/no weight


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