Saturday 110521

DB "Badger"

3 Rounds for time: 

30 DB Cleans 40# (25#)
30 Pull ups
800m Run

Post time to comments. 
Joylyn and Rachel contemplating pushing Mas and Nate into lake Tahoe.  Sara V. holding her own.  


  1. robyn :

    BBQ @ 3 at Kunick-Bosch house, everyone is welcome. Bring a beverage, a little meat, and/or side to share. Text if you need my address or directions 970-412-4307.

  2. Tobias Coffin :

    Go, they’re really fun!
    Miss you guys

  3. Jim Duwve :

    Legs are fried but, they are getting stronger. However, DB Badger abused them even more. 38:20, DB cleans took their toll.
    My daughter is playing in a soccer tournament this weekend. Long weekend!

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