Saturday 110611

Park WOD

Four rounds for time:

400m run
50 air squats

Post time to comments……and if you'd like to meet up with some other Ververs at Commons Park, post to comments.
Merrily they row along, row along–here's to recovery!

WHATTA DAY!  Verve represented at the CrossFit Games Southwest Regional today in a BIG way.  Our region was stacked competitively, but Verve fought out the Row/HSPU/Row WOD fast and decisively, finishing all the HSPU in less than 1 rotation, landing them with the 3rd fastest time in the Southwest Region, a mere 1 second behind Ute CrossFit and CrossFit Fury who tied for second.  The afternoon brought the Thruster WOD, leaving Emmalee and Matt ready to show their strengths.  Emmalee made 150# look easy, and Matt thrustered 275# for the highest single thruster in the Southwest Region.  Team CrossFit Verve is tied for 1st place after day 1.

Our fearless ladies made their presence known also.  Beth and Cherie went 1 and 2 in the Run/HSPU/Row WOD, pushing each other the whole way.  In fact, Beth managed the fastest time in the world thus far for any man or woman!  When it came to the late afternoon Thruster WOD, Cherie PR'd at 150#, and Beth had a 15#PR at 140#.  At the end of day 1, Cherie is in 1st place, and Beth in 3rd.   

Unbeknownst to some, Cherie and Beth are wildcats.


  1. Danielle :

    Awesome work guys keep it up! We are rooting for you in Santa Cruz

  2. Keith :

    AMAZING work to all.
    Proud to be associated with this caliber of performance.
    Press on.

  3. sara v :

    Is anyone missing a verve hoodie from regionals? I ended up with an extra size large hoodie. let me know.

  4. Mas :

    Morning Verve!! The schedule fir today looks like this: WOD 3: team at 9:50, women at 10:45. WOD 4: team at 1:55, women at 3:20. Stop on by!!

  5. Amy Breaux :

    Awesome Job Verve !! Rooting y’all on from NC !!

  6. Mas :

    Team Verve is currently in 5th place after WOD 3. Well within striking distance of qualifying. Cherie is holding 3rd and Beth is still close in 7th. Valiant effort by everyone this morning.

  7. Julia :

    you guys are amazing!

  8. Adam M :

    F’n awesome!

  9. Pottsie :

    I had NO DOUBTS that the results would be as they stand. You guys totally rock! I wish I could’ve been there to witness! Keep killin’ it!

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