Saturday 110618


Five rounds for time of:

50 Double unders
35 Knees-to-elbows
20m Overhead walk, 75#/55#

Post time to comments. 

Guess what we'll be doing at HD&CC's today…

11 Years, 11 Lessons, 100lbs 


  1. Matt :

    Weren’t we just talking about this crazy shit?

  2. Flip :


  3. Charle Gray :

    So Matt,
    Since I’m up here in Alaska, trying to piece together a few wimpy workouts once in a while…I come to your site … still:)
    Explain the 11 years, 11 lessons and 100 pounds to me when you have time..
    Hope you and Cherie are great. Congrats to your other tiger half for her recent performance!!
    Need to start a bit of crossfitting again so when I have to go on another Search and Rescue in the St.Elias range, I’ll be ready! Charlie

  4. Charle Gray :

    Oh, and what about the overhead walk with weight…what does that look like? charlie

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