Saturday 110723

Ten rounds for time: 

10 Dumbell thrusters
10 Burpees

Post time to comments. 

Get to know a little more about your friends, the Chan's. 


  1. Zach :

    You guys are awesome! looking forward to seeing those first place trophies when you get back!!

  2. Tobias Coffin :

    I second that. And Matt I feel like you took the words out of my mouth for the reason you crossfit.
    Can’t wait to see you guys next week at the games! I’ll have my shirt.
    Btw, Cherie, you’re still fucking bad ass. I love it

  3. Phil :

    Check out the front page of the Denver Post’s sports page. Lindsay Jones has an article on Moreno and his off season work at Verve.
    It’s pretty thrilling to see the excitement on display in the Chan video. Good luck!!

  4. Mas :
  5. Greg :

    World Class athletes look for world class trainers and they are all world class people.

  6. john :

    What is the men’s weight for the dumbell thrusters?

  7. Matt :

    John, men’s recommended weight is 40#… but heavier or lighter is fine.

  8. Adam :

    The Chan Fan Clan definatly gained a few members via this video

  9. Greg :

    Chan Fan Clan! Love it!

  10. Sheila :

    Yay Chan’s!!! So inspiring you both are, good luck for you both this weekend!!

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