Saturday 110910

Eight rounds for max reps of:

Push press, 75# (55#) 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
Jumping alternating lunge, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds

Post total reps to comments.

Tobias using his fitness back in California during a swell.

How I've used my fitness – Love Tobias
Santa Cruz just got a big swell, first or second of the whole summer, and I got to ride it.  The waves were between 7 and 11 feet when I was out, with possibly 15 foot faces.  This picture wasn't the biggest wave I had but it looked cool so I chose it.  CrossFit has enabled me to keep confidence in my endurance when sprinting to get past waves or keeping a calm head when being thrown around by them.  I also have more muscle (believe it or not) so when I get slammed on the sand every now and then, I have a little extra cushioning as well as more stability.  Thanks for letting me share this with you guys, miss you and hope to see you in the future.


  1. Matt :

    Ballsy Toby! Nice job.

  2. luke :

    Very cool Toby. Way to be.

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