Saturday 111022

With a partner, as many rounds as possible in 20:00 minutes of:

5 burpee wall up and overs
10 goblet squats, 24kg (16kg)
15 kettlebell swings, 24kg (16kg)

While one partner is running 400meters, the other partner will complete the movements.  Accumulate total rounds and reps. 

Post rounds and reps to comments.
David suffering through yesterday's WOD, but with good form.

Today's workout will be held at Common's Park.  Specifically,park near 18th and Little Raven and look for the group just South of the skatepark.  CrossFit Verve will be closed to the public Saturday and Sunday for the CrossFit Kids Certificate Course.

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  1. EMMALEE :

    Dear Mike Elliot,
    Thank you for treating me to coffee! Fancy seeing you in the drive-thru! next one is on me.

  2. Courtney :

    Nice work in the park today everyone!!
    Meghan- 5+3 mod
    Patrick Mc rx/- Barnum rx- 8+2
    Britt 12kg/ Valerie 8kg- 7+6
    Liz rx/ Ben rx- 8+4
    Dave rx/ Chris C. rx- 8+14
    Deckrow rx/ James rx- 8+16
    Jorge rx/ Leah 12kg- 7+6
    Donna 12kg/ Lisa 12kg- 6+5
    Cassidy rx/ Flip rx- 9
    Addie rx/ Trina rx- 9+1
    Slaughter rx/ Courtney 20kg- 8+29
    And thanks to Trina everyone did 6 burpee up and overs!!! HAD to make it an even number. 🙂 We love you Trina for pushing us.

  3. Dear Mike, Great Post! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need! you all do such a great job at such Concepts… can’t tell you how much I appreciate all you do

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