Saturday 111203


For time:
10 Handstand push-ups
15 Deadlifts, 250# (170#) 
25 Box jumps, 30" (24")
50 Pull-ups
100 Wallball shots, 20# (14#)
200 Double-unders
Run 400 meters with a 45lb plate (25#)

Post time to comments.

Congratulations to Angie and Beau on their recent marriage.  What a good-looking pair!


  1. Jim D. :

    The only thing that would have been more “Nuts” than this workout, would have been driving the 20 miles in this weather to get there. I’ll stay home and give all of the firefighters a break so they can rescue the other “Nut’s” that decided to drive in this.
    I will do this in the garage and run in the 6 inches of snow. Stay warm and safe.

  2. Darika :

    Congrats Angie and Beau!
    I’m with Jim on this one. Coming from 20 minutes west, I’ll probably make it there by noon. If anyone wants to join me at the Wheat Ridge rec to get this done today let me know!

  3. Cherie :

    You two are gorgeous !

  4. Jim D. :

    It wasn’t pretty but, it’s done.
    26:19 rx’d
    It took me about 2 hours to get motivated to begin. Strange thing was that the 400m run in the cold and snow, that I was dreading, was my favorite part of this WOD. Wallballs killed me. Really need to work on those.

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