Saturday 111210

Three rounds for time:

400m run
21 Med ball tuck jumps
12 Grasshoppers (right + left = 1)

Run is with your med ball.

Post time to comments.
Dean-we are glad you've joined us, but where the heck is your wife?

 Saturday's WOD is a single class at 9am at our old stomping grounds at Commons Park.  Meet us at 18th and Little Raven, see map below.    

Come enjoy the sunshine and your fellow athletes, have some fun and sweat, then recover today so you can make it in to the HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA TONIGHT AT 7PM.  

Remember that we'll provide the food, drinks, and fun…..just bring yourself!  


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  1. Deano :

    My wife is a nomad and elusive to spot like Bigfoot!

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