Three rounds for time:

50 Box jumps

7 Shoulder press 95# (65#)

7 Push press 95# (65#)

7 Push jerk 95# (65#)

Post time to comments.

With just two weeks left in the Paleo challenge, are you in need of some extra motivation to keep focused?  Above you'll find a great demonstration, of a must have tool to simplify your daily cooking routine. 

Has anyone else found any must have cooking short cuts?


  1. Matt :

    Steam Fresh vegetables in the freezer aisle, Costco meat (cook it all at once), and Paleo Kits. I don’t what I’d do without the Paleo Kits.

  2. Emmalee :

    Matt do you have more kits in?

  3. Matt :

    Yeah, we keep them in stock – just let us know how many you want.

  4. Ben :

    mmm…box jumps Drink em in, they always go down smooth.

  5. James :

    13:45, sub 20″ box jumps with 8# DBS and 47.5# DB presses and jerks.
    Not smooth at all.

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