Saturday 120825

As a team of 3, complete the following for time:
Run 2400m
300 Push press, 95# (65#)
Prowler push 800m, 90# (50#)

For this workout, only 1 person may work at a time. The run will be relay style, where each athlete must run 400m at a time.

Post team and time to comments and BTWB.

Little Connor, showing his Verve pride last Saturday at the Pool WOD. He seems pretty happy about it!

What a weekend going on…..Verve athletes are all over the place doing great things!  Just to name a few: Dan Aid, along with his band the Hate will be playing at the Larimer Lounge and the Higher Ground Music Festival–check them out!  Lee Zink will be showing why he was named MLL Defensive Player of the Year in the championship weekend with the Denver Outlaws, and Kevin Tait will be debuting with the semi-pro indoor lacrosse team, the Colorado Sabertooths on Friday and Saturday night!  Other athletes, well they’ll be rocking some rad WODs at Verve both days too, oh are you all in for some FUN!

We also want to give a big shout out to Verve athletes competing in the Colorado Open at Front Range CrossFit this weekend.  So send out some love to Trina Ruhland, Anna Anderson, Emmalee Moore, Jeremy Black, Francis LeGasse, and Chris Zienkievicz!  If you have time to go cheer in person, head out to 1338 S. Valentia St. Ste 182 Denver, Colorado and show your Verve pride!

Row/Stone Workout
Emmalee at 9am
Zink at 9:20am
Francis at 9:40am
All other Verve athletes will have the duration of the day to complete this workout.

DU/Wall/Burpee Workout
Trina and Anna at 9am
Emmalee at 10:40am
Jeremy at 1:20pm
Zink at 1:40pm
Francis at 2pm

Ground to Overhead Ladder
Trina and Anna at 3pm
Emmalee at 3:34pm
Jeremy at 4pm
Zink and Francis at 4:45pm


  1. Jeremy :

    Great start tonight by Em, Zink and Francis; Good luck to Anna and Trina tomorrow as well! I actually switched my entry to the Master’s Comp in October; sorry for the confusion. Go Ververs!

  2. Jim D. :

    Wish I could be there to see you guys perform. Had to fly to Geneva to get some flying out of the way before surgery on Tuesday. Good luck to you all and remember to have fun.

    I’m looking forward to one arm workouts in the future!!!!!

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